Pobody’s Nerfect

(Reposted 12/2/14)

That’s the Truth! Nobody’s Perfect!

These past 10 days I have been at two memorial services for some really awesome families. Sargents and Seagraves. They have each lost an elder statesman of the family and they have each honored their memories with genuine respect.

Then, this morning a good friend of mine in Texas, my former pastor, Brett Jones, posted a “happy birthday” to Granny Jones, his dad’s mom.  (www.brettjonesonline.com)  She would have been 112 today… Born in 1900 – the same year as my maternal granddad. Just days apart if I have the birthdays correct.

One person noted, “To be respected, it is not your right. To earn respect, that’s the crux of the matter.” During these past few days I have seen families Respect those that are no longer among us. Honor was given for their life’s accomplishment. Memories are garnered to pass to the next generation.

If we do not raise up the memories of those who have gone on, then we are forgetting the reason why we are where we are today.

Give respect to someone today. Exodus 20:12 teaches us to honor our parents. This is the only commandment that has a reward for doing so – long life. Giving honor is something so easily done by some and rejected by others. Scripture tells us to honor the true widows, the elderly, leaders that are good leaders, and God. We are what we practice. And we show the next generation how to do it effectively so that they have something to pass on to the next generation. The key is, “Pobody’s Nerfect” and we are not honoring their imperfection – we are honoring their memories, their sacrifice, their leadership, their teachings, their love, and their example.



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