Cold Shoes… Bare Feet

Forgive me for being different than you…

Cold Shoes... Bare Feet
Cold Shoes… Bare Feet

I have found out what to do with shoes that no are no longer fit for public consumption.

They become my “yard shoes”…

For what ever reason, they no longer work in public, and simply throwing them away goes against my grain – so I have placed several pair strategically next to doors where I regularly exit the house. Then, when I come back in they get left just around the doorway where, wet and dirty and not fit for the house.

There is nothing like stepping outside on a cold morning, barefooted, and slip one’s feet into a pair of really cold, cold shoes.


It’s a great feeling!

It reminds me of younger years,

  • Going outside with frosty ground, bare feet enjoying the crisp and crackling grass.
  • Crawling into a cold bed. During our younger years the bedrooms were often closed off and you only heated the living room. As you slip between those cold sheets, you would curl up and slowly stretch your legs into the cold, nether regions, and slowly the bed would warm up. Then, as the sheets warmed up, I would stretch my legs into the colder areas and totally enjoy the change of temps.
  • Diving deep into the creek that went around my grandparents place on Lake Murvaul. The top two feet were warm, but break through that semi-warm/cold  layer, you would hit that ice cold creek water. It felt so good you almost didn’t want to come back up to the top.

Well… Today is one of those days. It was cold, a little snowy, temps around freezing. Slipping my bare feet into those cold shoes was a joy that I do not take for granted.

Maybe you should know what things give you pleasure and stage an opportunity to enjoy them. Even if it’s cold shoes and bare feet.