We Are Who We Hang Out With

Another favorite thought…

Michael Gurley

There is a phenomenon…alive and well on Planet Earth!

We want to emulate someone, or something. We buy pets that look like us, or we change our appearance to look like them (see picture). We find it cute when our children are dressed like us (or weird when they look too adult in clothes that even the parents should not be wearing). Even when we see new born babies we look closely at their features to see who they look most like – mom, dad, or that weird relative from the wrong side of the family!

I remember a time, about 7 years old, I wanted my hair to look like Timmy’s hair from the Lassie show. This would have been about 1962 and school photo’s shows how I tried to look like him. The hair, and even the stripped shirt. I even wanted a dog like Lassie to call…

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