Back In The Groove

Back In The Groove
Back In The Groove

It’s tough, some days and some times… To get back in the groove…

At least, this week that is…

The past several weeks were a pressure cooker. There were many things going on and life demanded a response. Regular schedules to keep, school to keep up with, and a host of extra duties to be involved in.

Part of the “extra” included a trip to Texas for some special family time. Though enjoyable, the one hidden blessing was that I was “on” spring break from school so I did not have to focus on “learning”… (Of course, I don’t understand Spring Break since it came 12 weeks into a 15 week course…)

That being said, we made it home from our trip – only to find the car had been hit in the parking garage, and un-cured paint from the ceiling of the parking garage dripped all over the hood.

This took some time out of my schedule on Monday from getting back in the groove.

There are many little things that can ruin your schedule. The bible even describes it as “little foxes that spoil the vine” (Song of Solomon 2:15). It’s the little things that can ruin the big things. That does not make them unimportant, only a multitude of little things can overwhelm your schedule. You know, last minute unscheduled situations, emergencies, phone calls from a friend in Texas, scheduling taxes, returning phone calls, checking through a weeks worth of mail – you know, the list is lengthy.

The biggest hindrance to getting in the groove is procrastination.

Before you realize it, every little thing pulls you further away from the groove, like a record needle scoring across the face of your favorite album – a screech and discordant sound, horrible sounds. The simple excuse of answering that long lost friend’s phone call cause several hours of pleasant conversation, but your mind is recognizing the lost minutes on the clock. A walk with the dogs in the cool chill of the morning lingers because you don’t want to face your duties. A pleasant sound through the speakers distracts. A text and photo from your son…

Regardless, procrastination can not do anything for you except make you deeper in debt of the clock, and schedules, and timing.  WAKE UP…. QUIT GETTING DISTRACTED! TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR SCHEDULE!

Get back in the groove!