Why I Blog

Why I Blog
Why I Blog

It was a few years ago that the concept of blogging was foreign to me. Why do people spend time writing thoughts down, post them into the public arena, and then enjoy whether they are read by others?

Probably, the first blog I read with any sense of following a blog was my son’s. He is very talented on many fronts, but his blog often showed his thought process.  And in writing this I realize that is probably the reason I read – to gain insight to the process.

Perhaps that is what I truly enjoy. The process.

As I move through my education, I have found the process to be as important as the knowledge. I have always enjoyed learning, and in fact, I have been going to college for over 40 years. Though it is true that education is not limited to a college class – in fact, most of my learning has been the result of much hard work in my various endeavors of life – career, family, reading, inquiring, yearning to know. It has only been recently that college has moved from a classroom, listening and sharing with others, to the portable digital world that allows for many levels of access.  By far, this is an easier way to enjoy learning!

Still, that’s not why I blog!

Blogging is a part of my process. It allows me to note things that are important to me and determine a way to express them. As others read my blog I find it necessary to fine tune my writing so as to make it appealing to the reader. My writing skill improves and adapts to the storyline.

I have been confronted by some who do not like my facts. I have been applauded by others who enjoy the stories. Again, this is part of the process.

Along the way, I have written assessments of the work of friends and been published in their books. I have written some articles for magazines and newspapers. I have even had a friend give me credit for encouraging them to publish their work.

Still, that’s not why I blog!

So, why do I put myself out there? Why do I publish my blog? Why do I hope others read, and possibly enjoy? Why do I enjoy the statistical numbers that show others are reading? Why am I excited that other countries are producing readers?  I mean, why is someone in Turkey reading one of my blogs? Why am I blogging on a Sunday morning when I am about to leave for church?

Along the way of blogging I have come across others who blog on a regular basis. There are some wonderful writers out there, some with beautiful art to share, others with poignant stories to communicate. In the world of blogging I have found some kindred spirits – they are enjoying their process.

I cannot give a real answer, but it is part of my process to ask this question. Maybe there’s an answer in a future thought.


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