So Out Of Touch

Rotary Phone
Rotary Phone

Several years ago, as we remembered another loved one that had passed away, I began to realize how much I had missed spending time with  various loved ones. Gone are the good ol’ days of family reunions when maybe 100, or 400, would show up and that annual reconnecting event kept you in touch.

During the past 10 years of Washington living, we have lost over 50 family members. When you come from several large family groups then perhaps that is not so many. But without reunions, it seems like the loss is greater.

Then you realize that you will never see them again…

Well. That put a burden on me. I decided to take some time and start connecting with some family and friends from my far off place.

For some I needed to track down their phone numbers, and for others it was simply going through Facebook.

So, I began calling. I am trying for one per week. Every so often another name will pop on the horizon and I will add them to the list. Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Cousin’s, past co-workers, new connections via a business opportunity, a minister (actually several) that I once enjoyed hanging out with in the past… And please, do not forget those you are around on a regular basis – friends, neighbors, co-workers. And PLEASE, don’t forget about those even closer to you. Parents, siblings and your children. And for the sake of continuity, call that niece and nephew every so often!

Just last week a friend in another country referenced something I had posted on Facebook and it hit me – I really liked talking with him in the past. So I called him. Surprised both of us!

Last year, another connection and I chatted about how we would probably be the best of friends if we had lived closer to each other those several decades ago.

The one thing I realized about myself during these past 50 phone calls or so –  I have really missed some folks!

I have really enjoyed talking to some aunts and uncles. Good connections. Good advice received. And some really warm fuzzy feelings to hear them on the other end of the line. I began to realize how much we have drifted apart. When did we move so far away as to justify our disconnect? From that rotary phone that my wife received as a “historical” gift last year, or even with that smart technology you are tethered to, why not take the time to call one of you more senior family members and reminisce about the past.

It’s fun!

Perhaps you have lost contact with some old school chum, or some distant relative… And yes, maybe Facebook has reconnected you through some class reunion invite, or family page – what would be even better than typing back and forth? Pick up the phone and call.


2 thoughts on “So Out Of Touch

  1. Very inspiring post. Inspires me to pick up phone and call a high school friend who I’m connected to on Facebook, I bet she’d be surprised too. I hope other readers are similarly inspired too.
    Sincerely, Lidia Prawdomowni


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