Unique Times

2014-04-26 10.27.20“We live in unique times.”

I am sure every generation has stated that truth. Especially the generation that follows after mine! I was thinking back to when my grandparents were living through the “roaring” twenties and the Great Depression. Newly married, family started, and they probably said the same thing.

“We live in unique times.”

Then my parents, born between the two great World War’s – going through school during the second World War and seeing a different side of life than many of us can comprehend. Married and bringing children into the world between Korea and Vietnam. Then raising their kids through the turmoil of the 60’s. I’m sure they probably said the same thing.

“We live in unique times.”

 And now, my wife and I married as Vietnam was coming to an end and bringing kids into the world – I might classify their time as before and after the introduction of personal technology! But they may have a different way of thinking about their time period.

Regardless, we could all say that we live in some pretty unique times.

As we see the world change more rapidly than any of us could perhaps imagine a couple of decades ago, we are standing at various precipices and looking over the edge to see if there will be safe landing, or dangerous currents, as we make a leap from “today” and into “tomorrow”…

Back in the late 80’s or early 90’s we made a family vacation trip to Disney World in Orlando. The Epcot Center theme was “Tomorrow’s Child” and took a look at the world as it might exist in the near and far flung future. Click Here to See Youtube.  The song sort of sticks in your head. Especially, if you were there in person to hear it…

As our children begin to be the focus of the future, I wonder if their children and subsequent generations will understand the “unique times” of their fore-bearers, and will my children be able to comprehend their view of the future from their standpoint.

Every generation, culture, country and religion has at one time stood in a unique time – change is happening faster than they can respond. Where will they end up as the next generation is born and introduced to this world? If we do not handle it right, future generations will have a poor view of who we are today, or even in our many yesterdays. It will be true that we can claim to living in unique times – but will we be able to handle futures unique times?

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