Little Slices of Life

Slices of Life
Slices of Life

Quick! Take a quick moment and think about this with me… Add your thoughts and help me see the bigger picture.

You may not, but I enjoy looking at representations of data – something that gives me a pictorial of the raw numbers of something.  Where does my money go? Chart it out, see the raw numbers and you may lose sight of something, but put it into a chart or a graph and it might be easier to visualize your situation.

What if we did something like this on other important things? How much time is devoted to: Work, Family, Home, Finances, even God. Where do I spend the bulk of my time? Do I see any benefit, or am I simply spending my wheels?

Last week I spent some time with a friend and leader in Vancouver … Just talking. I enjoyed some lunch with my daughter and her family, and then her husband and friend spent a few minutes taking care of a need on my truck. I ran into a neighboring pastor at Lowe’s and we enjoyed chatting for an hour or so, and I had early morning coffee with another pastor friend – and we try to do this every 4-6 weeks or so. Over the weekend my son and daughter-in-law brought grand-baby Emma for a visit and we enjoyed a few short hours playing and getting to know her better.  I enjoyed church with my church family several times, finished up some last minute school duties, and…

Well, the list can be seemingly endless!

One of the thoughts that got my attention this morning, for some reason – “We are who we spend time with the most.” Or, even more focused than that, “We are who we are seen with the most.” Regardless of how you dial it in, we are often to be known by the company we keep.

I’ve posted recently about connecting with friends from days gone by and every week or so  I pick up the phone to chat with one of them, so that I reach out and touch everyone of them about once every 6 months or so.

Col 3:17 MKJV  And everything, whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.

What ever you do… In word or deed… Do ALL…

Why do we have to “carve” out time for church, or for God? Why cannot everything we do be done as unto the Lord. Why do we feel “satisfied” to have attended to God when we happen to show up on Sunday? Why are we not living our life totally dedicated to this scriptural principle?

Everything we do, whether in word or task, must be done in His Name…

There is nothing here that tells me I can live my life any ol’ way I choose and enjoy it just for myself. What scripture tells me is that everything I do, even when I am enjoying life or facing a drudgery task, must be done in His Name! The same writer puts it a little differently focused in these scriptures, but the thought is still embedded here…

  • Php 4:13 MKJV  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  • Php 2:14 MKJV  Do all things without murmurings and disputings,
  • 1Co 10:31 MSG  …As a matter of fact, do everything that way, heartily and freely to God’s glory.

I think we often view our slices of life as separate and distinct from all the other areas of living. Not True!

Everything bleeds over into every other segment of what you do, and who you are. So, under the umbrella of Christian Living, make sure that everything you do in word or deed, be accomplished in His Name.

One last thought… Do Not Judge Others By What They Do… Only by how you live your life…