39… Not That Far From Freezing

As of 05/06/14
As of 05/06/14

39… That’s the forecast low for tonight…

Got me to thinking about where we are in the span of life, thus far this year.

So, about 10pm I slipped out onto the porch in the dark… Lit the burn pit…

Listened to the frogs, and, whoops… Some bird out by the dogs suddenly screeched and chattered – wonder if that old yellow tom cat found him? There goes another jet plane headed for SeaTac – sure wish they had not changed their flight path… Even at 15k feet they interrupt the silence… Won’t be long before the mosquitoes will be giving the bats a tasty treat! Note to self: build a bat house at the back of the property….

We are just 6 weeks from the longest day of the year, and the start of summer. Spring is essentially half over. We broke records last week with a couple of 80 degree afternoons. Praying for a cooler Summer!

What I really thought about is that the year is soon to be half gone. What were those “promises” I made back on January the first? I do not make resolutions, only promises. (There goes a killdeer in the front yard… Must be that black and white tom cat hunting…) I dislike breaking promises!

Actually, as I think this through I realize that we are about half way through the year and the temps are still cool like they were when I considered the promises for 2014. Then, I look at the growing “To Do” list and realize that I keep accomplishing tasks, but I am not seeing substantial change like I wanted.

My daily list of actions must really be changed to a “promise list”.

Perhaps more items would be ticked as complete…


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