People, People Everywhere

20140508-114537.jpgSo, I have a Starbucks Reward and I usually save it to try out a different breakfast sandwich, which I normally save for lunchtime…

I arrive at my local Yelm Starbucks. It’s raining. I think a leisurely moment of lunch is in order.

Only, every cotton picking table is taken!

A quick survey shows every table is taken by a single person, except for the lady who is holding court with her kids as they go through their daily school work. Home schoolers? Perhaps. Noisy? Yes. At least enough to compete with the music piped in to salve the hurried pace of life.

Of all the other 10 or so tables, everyone is buried into their computers or newspapers. And only half of them have a Starbucks product sitting before them.

Now… Maybe they finished their product and have already discarded the waste….

So. I go outside, under the edge of the roof line and enjoy my coffee and sandwich out where the wind and rains threatens my comfort. It’s nearly as nice as sitting on my porch at home.

So, I ask myself… Why am I here? I have good coffee at home, and plenty of food to enjoy.

All of this set my mind in motion. Starbucks is not raking in the dough off someone like me. Maybe these other folks are big spenders and deserve to occupy all the space. IDK. I generally only buy black coffee, and normally an Americano, or one of their brewed blends that is already made up. McDonald’s coffee is nearly as good and cost half of a Starbucks coffee.

Still, it makes me wish for another inside coffee bar experience in my little town of Yelm.

Or at least a Dunkin Donuts!

2 thoughts on “People, People Everywhere

  1. Lol…maybe a social niche that needs filling. Coffee at home would not be as sweet because you would miss out on the annoying presence of other people taking up your space and resources. Unless of course your married with children. If you are married with children you can experience the perfect cup of coffee on the cheap at home with the same annoying feeling of people encroaching on your space and resources. At least they love you and you don’t have to stand in the rain.


    • Hello Joe! One thing this did for me was to think twice about occupying space at a Starbucks. When in NY city, working about 25 years ago, it was the norm for all to accept a complete stranger at your table because there were so many people and so few spaces. I wonder what would have happened had I asked to sit at an empty chair at one of these slightly used tables?


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