Lost Minute

Where is that lost minute?
Where is that lost minute?

I woke up this morning with a thought on the back burner…

You can never recover a lost minute!

Now, that word changed a host of times as I woke up – lost minute, lost moment, lost opportunity. Regardless of how you look at it, often the moment of time comes and goes and you have lost the opportunity…

It’s almost like that thought on the tip of your mind, something you strive hard to remember but it never seems to come! That name you cannot remember. That place you struggle to remember. You cannot recall it. It’s gone.

Just like that lost minute.

It’s amazing how our minds work. I was thinking about these lost minutes of Daylight Savings Time. We talk about losing an hour, and gaining an hour. At one time of the year you skip the clock ahead by an hour – 60 minutes lost. At the opposite time you move the clock back an hour – 60 minutes with a “clock” chance to relive the hour… Except the  minutes lost or gained come at 2 a.m… Most of us are asleep.

Then, my mind ranged over my past and I remembered many lost opportunities. You know, that lost moment for saying, doing, acting, or simply being something – something you regret not having done, wished a million times that you had done, and knowing that cannot relive the moment and cause it to happen. It’s a lost moment of doing something you kick yourself for having never done it…

Too many times these lost snippets of time come with those that are close to you.

If you live in the moment of your regrets, well, let’s just say you will never be the person you have a great opportunity to be. Past regrets often produce a paralysis for the present – you always live in the past, your mind dwelling on the lost moments of time.  You never leave the past!

I remember things I should have done, maybe even promised to do, and never did what I said I would do…

Someone wrote a letter to me recently in which they recounted a situation that they regret even today – many, many years later. All of the moments this person recalled could not be possibly remembered by any of the affected parties today – so, let’s handle it the way the apostle Paul deals with it – forget it… (Philippians 3:13) If you can not recover that lost moment of time, if you cannot make it “right” – then forget about it!

Make your own peace with that lost moment and move on!





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