When I Was a Kid – Living in the 60’s

CNN Peronality Quiz
CNN Personality Quiz

It seems to be a craze, of sorts, right now. What is my personality of a particular time period based upon how I would answer questions today. It is somewhat wearisome to see sane people become so excited about who they would possibly be if they lived during a particular time…

Recently, CNN posted the same type of quiz to help you identify your potential personality if you lived in the 60’s. I am unsure what all the results might have been available, and believe me, many people are taking the quiz and posting what they would most probably be…

Well, I lived the 60’s!

So, let’s take the quiz and see what my personality type will be.

First, who would be the heaviest on my playlist? None of the 4 they gave me were an option, and since you have to select one to move through the quiz I chose Paul McCartney – after all, the Beatles were introduced back then.

Next, TV Shows, Lifetime trips, Texting, Friday Evening activities, Superhero favorite, Entertainer Style, Sunny Afternoon activities, Communication style, Movie star choices, Snack choices, Exercise routine, Actor similarity, Music playback equipment, …

Well, you get the picture. Based upon the randomness of your answers you get a personality type for what you would be in the 60’s. Since I was clueless on many of the multiple choices available I picked at random something that might identify me based on some internal choice mechanism… So, what would I be in the 60’s?

A Square…

I am sure this is not meant to be complimentary, but if living the life I did during the 60’s is represented by this “…equilateral rectangle: a geometric figure with four right angles and four equal sides…” Then I agree. I am now, and was then, a Square.

My life in the 60’s? (Simply a partial list of highlights.)

  • Turned 5 years old, January, 1960 and was 14 yeas old as the decade ended.
  • Remember vividly the aftermath of Hurricane Carla in 1961. We went to Kentucky during its arrival and arrived home to much destruction in its aftermath. Though remembered, it was not as bad as other storms of the same decade, including Camille, but it was the first on my radar.
  • Experienced up close and personal the space race as we were living next to astronauts and NASA – from the first launch, to landing a man on the moon!
  • Witnessed via news accounts of the assassination of a president (JFK) in 1963, an activist and pastor in April, 1968 (MLK), a senator and brother to JFK (RFK) in June, 1968 – and there were many other leaders around the world that lost their lives the same way.
  • Race equality began to unfold in a vivid sense, violent in many ways, but also the removal of racial barriers where there were “black only” or “white only” restrictions. I remember when blacks were allowed in the employee only park of Champion Paper Company (where  we lived) on Tuesday… That was stopped in 1964, and I was nine years old… Until my senior year at LaPorte High School (1972) I never attended school with any black kids.
  • Some may say rock music was birthed in the 50’s, but it was in the 60’s that is really blossomed. Along with free love, drug culture, Woodstock, protest movements, hippies – this list is really endless – it seemed like the generation born at the end of WWII threw off all restrictions of their parents and went, well, different… (Now, this did not happen in my house, or in my circle…) I have vague memories of any of this as the majority of our music was gospel and country. I do not remember much about any other kinds of music until my teen years.
  • Home Life was centered around the home – games played a lot, TV seldom turned on. Of course, it was mostly done in the Living Room and that was where the A/C window unit was (I think I sat as close to it as allowed!)
  • Church was a consistency – Sunday was AM and PM, Wednesday night began at 7:30 PM and we were often not home until after 10pm. Revivals lasted many weeks, often every night of the week.  We occasionally missed church at home, but often went when at grandparents.
  • From a very early age I was taught the love of driving. It lasts until this day…

Perhaps, looking at what I remember and the way my life played out – I was then, and am now, a Square: “…equilateral rectangle: a geometric figure with four right angles and four equal sides…”

What are you? Take the quiz and see. Click on this following link: http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2014/05/us/quiz-sixties-personality/index.html


5 thoughts on “When I Was a Kid – Living in the 60’s

  1. I read your story and nothing I can say but I love you. I wish you could give me some fodder to work with…..but I love ya.


  2. When I was a kid in the 60s babies where popping out all over the place. Four part harmony was a fact of life. Communism was a bad thing. Jackie Gleason had the humor that made the world go round. Archie Bunker made us laugh at our selves I really don’t care for people that point out the obvious. Well I kinda do.


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