I Want To Be Better

Lunch with the Family - Celebrating Mom and Dad 60thEarlier today I had some time with my daughter and her husband as we lounged through the morning hours of brunch and family time. As much as I enjoyed yesterday and today, there were distractions along the way. Emails, phone calls, text, messages – a myriad of things I needed to deal with, and decisions to make.

It reminded me of a career time back before our first move to Alaska. I had already driven the Alaska Canadian highway (ALCAN) and moved mom and dad to Anchorage. I had already sent a hundred resumes attempting to find a company that would relocate me to that wonderful place.

Until that move could happen, I needed to keep my feet firmly grounded and my career in high gear – improving myself to be ready for the move.

I was convinced it would happen!

When you make up your mind to constantly prepare for the future you keep pounding away at the tasks that will make you ready to live in that future. You keep studying, grasping for new skills, improving yourself in every area possible – anything you think will help for the future.

Regardless of which portions of your life you look at, your attitude about where you are and where you want to be is a constant driving force into the future!

Now, I am living in that future.

Last night, and this morning, the needs and the responsibility of my present life would not let me disconnect a few moments. True, I could have, and probably should have, totally disregarded all tethers and simply enjoyed myself. But responsibility kept pulling me back into the needs of the day.

As I reflect, I realize that today is no different than it was back in the 70’s when I yearned to move to Alaska. I have this drive to constantly improve and to become that better person I see in my mind. There is no time for a downhill coast into the later years of life.

I am still working on being the better me that I want to be!

My parents just celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary and we truly enjoyed the time spent with my siblings and all their friends in Texas. My mom’s parents celebrated 65 years of marriage the year Granddad passed away. Brenda and I will be celebrating our 40th anniversary this July.  I see the goal ahead of me for at least another 25 years of life… So I keep working and improving myself for the purpose of this goal.

It is my personal drive to make my marriage better! To work hard at providing, and loving, and enjoying all the challenges that come our way. Brenda and I see our marriage as a perfect blend between two varying personalities. But we still want it to be better!

Both of us keep working at improvement!

Brenda works hard at her job and is about 26 years in with her company – and she is just about to wrap up her Bachelors degree… Not the image of a slacker! I am within the bounds of my doctorate program and am teaching online college that will keep me focused into my retiring years – Not the image of a slacker! We have been working in the various positions of ministry for a very long time – together each of us have different strengths that keep us melding our respective lives together to improve who we are and where we are going.

But along the way we both realized it is easier doing this together, rather than on our own. And, it is easier doing this with a spiritual connection than without.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (KJV)  And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

There is strength when you bind yourself to your partner, and that bind is truly strengthened when you are both bound to the Spirit of God.

So, let me leave you with this key thought…

Life is often like a slippery slope – and going in either direction is difficult. A man was telling me last Wednesday about driving Beacon Hill in Seattle on an ice filled day – it did not make any difference whether he was going up or down – it was slippery either direction. Only, he said, it sure is easier working to go “UP” the hill, than simply being at the mercy of gravity that pulls you just about every way your terrified mind can imagine – and you have no control… Your brakes will not stop you. Your steering wheel does not direct you. Your engine cannot control your speed.

So… Let’s work at improving our lives, work at strengthening those necessary cords of life, and resist gravity as it tries to pull back down that slippery slope to some past failure.


6 thoughts on “I Want To Be Better

  1. What a great picture of a Wonderful Family of Kinfolks! I regret I could not be there. Thanks for sharing this with us! I also enjoyed “I Want To Be Better” and all your other pieces that you write. Keep up the good work! You Inspire Me!


  2. I enjoyed this so much, as I do, everything you write, ( that I get to read!) I, also, am inspired, to be/ to do better! Thank you a great read!


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