Whose Fault is Failure?

Failure – something we set ourselves up for!

We often blame others for our failures in life – family, heritage, culture, poverty. career limits, bosses, … 2014-06-14 12.52.04It matters little what you choose, most of these obstacles are things we can easily work through, all you have to do is find an example.

A week ago there was honor given to a young man who was homeless most of his teen years and yet still came to school with all work completed, working to maintain a high grade point average – even when living in the car with his dad, sleeping on someone’s couch, hungry, without hope most take for granted.

Yet he graduated a Valedictorian!

His mantra, “I have everything to lose!” He took ownership of life, even when he had every right to blame his circumstances.

A few years ago a Men’s Ministry I knew about planned their annual retreat the week of Valentine’s – a setup for failure on the home front!

Why do we so quickly blame others? Maybe it’s easier than taking ownership for our own mistakes? There are many reasons and we can spend time itemizing them, but perhaps we should simply step up to owning our failures, learn from the mistakes and work better the next time we try to accomplish something!

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson