Ending of First Summer Day

2014-06-21 22.15.04Summer began about 20 hours ago, something like 3:40 a.m. , June 21, 2014. Filtered sun was the norm for most of the day, meaning high clouds with occasional break for direct sun. I know it was in the low 70’s, and right now it’s 64.

Early rising had me eating breakfast, finish polishing my message for a conference, taking care of the animals and then hitting the road for 60 mile trip.

The conference was good and then it was time to buy stuff for our First Summer First Church Picnic tomorrow.

A phone call from a friend who will be visiting us in church tomorrow…

Now, the second day of summer says the temps will be around 80 – way too hot for me. But the day promises to be much fun. Right now, however, we have come in from the porch – enjoying the cooling of the evening… and of course with the fire pit. Now it’s time to rest.

See you tomorrow!

Blessings one and all!