From my Church Office…

What’s In Your Office?

2014-06-29 06.47.56I have been a pastor over 20 years, served in some form of ministry for an additional 10 years — or so — and there has only been twice that I have occupied a physical office at the church I served.

Being bi-vocational for many of the years often meant working – at work, church and home – could present problems for where all my stuff gets stored. So, it has been fairly easy to keep myself focused on a home office.

Still, having a place at the church is also nice – when you can have it!

The first one was in Humble, TX, where several of us shared a single room with multiple desks. At least it was a place to store my “stuff”!

The second one was in Anchorage, AK when we rented a fairly large complex and for the first time we had plenty of room for everything Рincluding an office. It was nicely loaded with things that make an office feel like home Рalthough it was right at the front door and that often meant interruptions.

Regardless, I have always had some type of home office.

My home office is my church office, and has been for many years. It’s where I study, participate in college, and stay focused on my duties.

Along the years several have given me some office decorations – even a recent one from one of my college students. And, since I am like a pack rat that collects any and every thing, there are many pieces of “stuff” that have no other home except my office…. There’s a rock right in front of me! Those coffee mugs that my daughter and my sister have made and decorated. That trivet on the wall. That broken down equipment. Oh, and all the books!

This pictured collectible came from Pat, about 15 years or so back. It has been a constant appendage to my office, even when the laptop he’s holding broke. I’ve glued it back but it has broken so many times!

What is my office for, except for the collection point for all my stuff?

Paul told Timothy to study (2 Time 3:15) – so really, an office becomes the proverbial Study. For some it is where their library of books are stored, but if you have the only copy of something then you take them wherever you go (2 Tim 4:13). Some studies have nice comfortable furniture, but the Apostle Paul traveled so much he was probably like Jesus and had no place to rest and often found his escape in the dessert (Mark 6:31).

Regardless of how you look at it, an office is a place to escape to, or from. For me it is a place to prepare, and then when it is time to face the world, it is a place to escape from!

Now, let’s escape this office and all of it’s junk… uh… stuff… and get about the day!


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