July 3 – A VIP Day

2014-07-03 07.36.55We have been married 40 years today.

We have known each other for 42 years. We have lived together for 40 years. There is not another person on the face of this planet that I have this type relationship with, nor is there another person I have grown up with like my Brenda. God blessed us to know and cherish each other. We do not have to be the same in personalities, likes, or dislikes. We balance each other in ways that no one else can understand unless they are in a similarly committed relationship with another person.


The first time I saw Brenda she was scrunched in the front seat of their pickup, headed toward the horse pasture.  Hmmm… Intriguing! A week later we were dating… 18 months later we are married.

Now, 40 years later we are enjoying each other, and still finding we do not know everything! This is part of a beautiful journey that is still in the making!

2014-07-03 07.37.47Back then we would play all day, stay up late, and enjoy sleeping in. Today, we are a little more sedate and do not keep the hours or pace we were capable of back then!

We have enjoyed our adventure. Together. From Texas to Alaska. From having nothing, to be being comfortable. From laughter, and through tears, we have loved being with each other.

Is life perfect? No way. But life does not dictate to me how I love my wife.

We are having a great life and immensely enjoying each other even today.

This young couple is still here today!

2 thoughts on “July 3 – A VIP Day

  1. Mike, I enjoyed this very much! My husband, Forrest, who has an incredible memory has commented how well he remembers when you and Brenda began dating! He remembers thinking what a fine couple you made and felt you were such a good match! We will be celebrating OUR 60th on the 29 th of July! I pray you and Brenda are blessed with many more wonderful years!


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