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I am not in this to be a winner.
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Nor do I have anything to sell… At least, not yet!

I started blogging, first and foremost, because it seemed to be a way to get my thoughts down in some ordered structure, and then paring away the dross and leaving some pure ideas behind.

Did I say behind? That almost sounds as if it is a legacy thing.

Well, who knows? Maybe it is.

A few weeks ago a letter was delivered 83 years late to the remaining family of a daughters words to her mother. The writer wrote, but the intended reader never received. Neither party is alive, but imagine what the heirs have in store for them as they read the letter again and again!

Most of my blogs have been put into a category that I call “Algorithms for Life” and I have even posted some thoughts about algorithms. People, even strangers from over 70 countries, read, click that they like the blog, post some comments, send me a message, or even give me a gold star!

My sub-title says, “Everything begins with a very simple thought and grows into a magnificent premise and returns to a very simple thought…” I feel we think from a simple ideas, questions and thoughts of wonderment, or even things we worry about. We expound it into some gigantic system of ideas. It often rolls back to a basic foundation, or it produces other beginning thoughts that produce even more ideas!

If time allowed, I think I could write all the time!

My friend and pastor, Brett Jones, said something later in life along the lines of wishing more people would write what they wish to leave behind. I have enjoyed reading some of his dads favored sermons. Bishop Franklin Jones would enjoy knowing you were reading something he loved so much that he would preach about it!

My brother has written a number of books, my uncle Henry has published scores of poems and several books, my son has quite a few at Amazon, and I think there is another burgeoning writer headed to the publishing heap real soon, and it’s not me… yet…

You see, once you’re gone all your ideas and thoughts disappear. There is no testament, penned by you, that states what you hope others have learned, only what folks might remember. Your social media pages will stay up until someone decides its time to pull them down – and that is almost like pulling the plug on your public identity.

There was a time when your Last Will and Testament was not only your final wishes for all your possessions left behind, it was also a written instruction to your heirs on what you believe and what your heirs should do to follow your pathway. There are these ancient testaments still hanging around today as proof that you are remembered often by what you write.

So, blogging has given me many fronts to state my beliefs. I have been crucified for some of them, praised for others, and have even had some thank me for writing what I did. As I look over my thousands of readings of my hundreds of posts, I am not surprised at the particular posts that make it to the top of the “Most Read Blog Posts of Michael Gurley”…  And no, this is not another countdown with another Award Winning blog posting at the top of the heap!

Strip away those clicks that take you to what ever the days revelation might be, and those clicks that link to my bio’s, I am pleased at what I find in the top 10.

1. James Kilgore – my pastor from my teens and early 30’s
2. Everything You Post – warning everyone to quit posting private and confidential type of information
3. Bishop Kenneth Haney – a great leader in our church organization
4. No More Countdowns – the endless countdowns to number 1, ignoring all the other important numbers along the way.
5. 60 Years and Counting – Mom and Dad’s Anniversary
6. Purls of Wisdom – My grandbaby.
7. Ken Gurley’s post on Whitney Houston from the Houston Chronicle
8. 10 Most Powerful 1 Syllable 2 Letter Words
9. My Bride
10. I Want To Be Better

Now, you can peruse my blog and find other writings and maybe you can help me change this list around some. You can also click on the links above and help me reorder this list based upon what you would like to read about. Regardless of what you do, or not, I will still be writing and putting my thoughts down for my legacy of thinking and living.

Blessings all!