Unending Tasks

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Along with our anniversary celebration and attempting to enjoy a few days to2014-07-12 09.24.20 ourselves, the house has had the patter of other feet roaming through the halls and bedrooms. Emma showed up for a few days, bringing her parents as chaperon’s. I am working hard on staying connected to her, even though she lives a couple of hours distance.

Then my brother passed through on the way to a fishing/camping/sightseeing trip to Alaska. He and several friends are enjoying some down time as life continues to change by steps, large and small. I had hoped to go with them, but the task of school and church keeps my attention close to home this month.

My brother, Vaughn, is a great doer of things and projects. There seems to be nothing daunting to him, and he is not hesitant about jumping into the task. We worked hard the past few summers putting a porch and deck on the back of the house, which we greatly enjoy. This summer as he started North, he stopped over for a few days and said, “Let’ do something!”

When he says something like this, either hunting, fishing, or working seems to be the order of the day! We have wanted to have a few laying hens. I showed him some plans and we built a sturdy and very nice looking chicken coop. We duplicated it as a new dog house – without all the “chicken” stuff. Lot’s of tired muscles and copious sweat, we rapidly finished the projects just in time! What a week for the hot weather to arrive…

Left on my plate as he flew off to Alaska – school, church, family, and a myriad of projects – some which have been going on for several years. I have been in school for all my adult life, and find I enjoy classes. I have taught nearly 10 years of college and really enjoy the online classroom. The church is in desperate need of a new location, the family needs me, and, well, all those other unmentioned projects really require a lot of effort…

This morning, as I sat at my computer I thought about all the unending tasks that exist.

Life is replete with things that never seem to end…

The children of Israel spent 400 years in Egypt and eventually their role changed. Instead of simply occupying space during the famine, they became enslaved to their transplanted location. Working became survival. There never seemed to be enough raw supplies to meet the need of the day. Yet, they were forced to produce the same amount of product.

Exodus 5:13 KJV And the taskmasters hasted them, saying, Fulfil your works, your daily tasks, as when there was straw.

Work… Produce… even when there are no supplies, nor enough hours in the day to produce with what you do have. From what I can tell there was no down time. No relaxation. No vacation. Perhaps there were days that the weather, or circumstances, allowed the pace to relax.

But can you  imagine never getting all the time off that we take today? The longer you are with your company, generally the more earned vacation time you get to enjoy, sick days get stored up against some major event that requires time away from responsibilities, or you simply take some extra time for the week or weekend and enjoy your time off.

My brother and I struggled with the pace, the heat, the sore muscles. At the end of the day, cleaned from all our efforts, we hit the bed early. No real time to unwind and work on all the other tasks on the seemingly never ending board.

Thankfully, my blogging can pick up. School can be caught up. The church will be there fresh and ready for Worship and the Word tomorrow. Family just down the road – maybe a quick trip to see.

And all those other projects – well, it’s time to start the ball rolling on some big plans!


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