Habits of the Soul

Ok. So, maybe there are other habits I should be talking about.

21 Days a HabitBut consider that everything we do often becomes a habit that we wished we had never started.

Some would consider their vices as habits and wish they had never picked up that pack of cigarettes, or popped open that can of something that makes it illegal to drive a car.

Here in Washington, many are rejoicing because a smoked drug of choice is now becoming legal – but you cannot smoke it in public because of health concerns to the innocent among us.

Habits like these I am thankful I never was attracted to.

Still, we each have habits that take us down pathways we wish some “Reverse” action could back up that train.

For example, soft drinks. Probably one of the most damaging drinks available to every age group. So, I try to drink no more than one per week. It doesn’t always work, but I am very conscious of this very addictive habit.

CBS has a decent article this morning on various diet methods and books – and I find that each author or approach espouses a surefire method! I hear local radio promoting habit breaking methods like hypnosis, or infrared hypnosis along with diets using their prepackaged foods, or simply buy their food and all will work out just fine.

I suspect anything will work as long as you have willpower to change.

Maybe having willpower is necessary, but I wonder where our habits come from?

For example, why do we ingest things that are bad for us, but we enjoy them so much? One author says go low-carb, and immediately we think of all the things that we HAVE to give up! Or, another says go high-protein and we think about all the things we GET to eat! Another says watch your calories, and that’s all it takes. Still, another has a balanced approach to food that is probably very important. Moderation. Balance.

Hmmm. Almost sounds like the same thoughts some have when choosing to be a Christian or not… What do I have to GIVE up, or what things do I GET to have?

Do we have morning habits that start off our day? Me, I make my coffee, same bowl of cereal, and grab my iPhone and spend some quality time waking up. News. Email. Scripture. Devotional thought. My morning pattern. You could almost say this is my morning habit. If the day is going to be busy, then I simply wake up earlier. My morning routine is sacred.

But the problem we all deal with are the habits we’ve allowed to creep into our lives. Whether good or bad, where do we get our habits from?

Scripture tells us that it’s the “little foxes” that spoil the vine. (Song of Solomon 2:15) What you find in this scripture is the thought of little things that creep in to ruin a perfect garden. You work hard at planting a good life, and little things creep in and ruin what you have started. Some of these little things come from our heritage and culture, habits we grow up with because this is how our families live. Others are things we pick up along the way, not giving any thought to their meaning and influence.

Think about it as our speech patterns. The way we speak, the words and phrases we use, and the kind of language we find acceptable. These are our habits of life. We make changes in our speech patterns as we move around the country and get exposed to different patterns and we adapt. However, just as soon as you reconnect with home, a familiar speech patterns return…

Take a moment and read this fine article talking about habits… You can even listen to it, just click the button on the web page and listen to the NPR story line.

Consider your own habits… What are they? Where do they come from? How much power do they have over you?

Can you make new habits? Can you break a bad habit?

It is said that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit… Read this


Let’s chat later.



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