Milestones on the Way to a Goal

We should all have check points that we enjoy checking off!

Mike and Brenda - UK Trip - September 2009
35th Anniversary in UK

Checkpoints that are enjoyable and worth planning for, and definitely worth remembering!

Of course, we often check these items off as “done” or “accomplished” – regardless, goals are often made up of measurable steps so you can acknowledge their completion, and know when you have reached your target.

Too many have taken that “bucket list” mentality and think of life well lived if everything in the bucket is accomplished before the end of life arrives. I want my life to be better than that! True. I have checkpoints, milestones and goals. True, there are many places to go, and many things to accomplish with life ahead – but how different would I view this list if my wife was not there to experience it with me.

When Brenda and I married in 1974, I simply knew it was for life. There was nothing about it being temporary. There was nothing stated about how long we would live, and be married, but it was the “death till us do part” that sealed this marriage covenant with each other.

Life has thrown a lot of curves balls!

Some curve balls are easily handled, and others change the way things are.

My granddad died in 1987, not long after their 65th Wedding Anniversary and his 87th birthday. Yes. He was born in 1900! I was the first person grandmother called because we were living close to them and they were supposed to come over for dinner that night. Just like you and I, he was not perfect, nor was grandmother – yet their marriage is something that I have used as my goal for my own marriage.

65 years. A lifetime. Ups. Downs. Victories. Defeats. Children, Grandchildren, Great’s and great great’s… The death of a child. The loss of parents. Grandparents. And siblings. How many pets did they have over the years? How many times did they move? How many different cars did they own? How many times did they comfort one another? How many times were they simply there when life was chugging along like a roller coaster.
Each of their three daughters have marriages crowding this magical 65 years. All of them have hit 60 years or more – and yes, one of them is my mom and dad. This is a great example of generational possibilities!

This is my plan with Brenda. 40 years this past July and we are on our way to the last quarter of century leading to  our 65th Anniversary.

I love her. As we age things get easier on some fronts, and more difficult on others. We have watched our parents aging before us, and know that as they go, so do we… Kids, watch your parents lead you down the pathway of age! We have seen our grandparents pass on. Fortunately all of our siblings are alive and well. We’ve owned so many different pets, and cars, and lived in so many different places. We have laughed and cried together. We have simply been there, even today, as life continues it’s roller coaster around and through us. And when life seems to be a downer, we have each other that we depend on more than any one else.

We have faced some major milestones. Kids. Marriage of our kids. Grandbaby. And who knows that we are not at the last place we’ll ever live at. This may be simply our last home.

We pray for our health. Our kids. Their families. Our families. And their families. Our friends. Our church, and those churches we have been a part of in our past.

The older I get the more important are my connections to my family and friends.

One of these days we will pass that 65th…… That will be in 2039. We will turn 84 that year. Wow… That’s do-able!

One milestone down. More to look forward to. That final goal of 65 years of marriage is coming.

Faster than we think!