God On The Go

We are a mobile society…

God on the Go 1The American Culture has always been about mobility! From the westward view of the early pioneers, riding the Conestoga wagons ever forward until the Pacific Ocean slowed the advance!

I wonder what their planning was like?! No real maps, or services along the way.

Have you ever enjoyed planning for a long road trip? Several trips have had over 12,000 miles put on the odometer in as little as 16 days. Back when gas was cheaper, it still seemed like a huge expense!

Go back with me for a moment in the day when you had to find a map worthy of the trip, chart and mark the map with roads, alternatives, and sites to see! Plan for stops along the way to eat, sleep, and just enjoy the trip for what it is…

A Road Trip!

One of my first really long road trips after we married, we bit the bullet and got Trip Chart from Triple A that had all the maps in order, and the route highlighted for us. You simply flipped the pages as the trip progressed and it would highlight the route and stops…

Pretty convenient, but it sure takes the fun out of doing the research and the planning!

The Milepost 2013 - 65th Anniversary
The Milepost 2013 – 65th Anniversary

The Alaska Milepost magazine/planner is much the same thing, except it gives you a history lesson for the route and makes sure you know who/what you can trust, and where to steer clear.

Traveling these days is not nearly as complicated. As long as the internet is up, the smart phone is working, and you can electronically keep up with all your ticketing and itinerary needs, then it is easy to be flexible in traveling arrangements.

Even with flying, all my trip documents provided by the airline are electronic. I seldom ever print out anything, unless it’s a backup while traveling out of the country.

A few months ago I was thinking about a trip that took me out of the country. My morning, day and night routine would all be replaced by dealing with others… Other people. Other schedules. You know, not a moment to yourself to live your normal routine.

My morning routine is simple: breakfast, coffee, scripture, create my own devotion, check the news and social media, check my calendar of events – then be on my way to a planned day.

Some may simply say a trip is a vacation from God and responsibilities, but I say, “It is time to take God on the Go.” The older I get, the more important I see this responsibility. God does not get left behind!

With my mobile devices I have my bible and reading materials. If I cannot carve out a quiet moment then I will simply control the distractions the best way possible and work on reading, thinking, praying, and listening for God’s voice for as much time as possible.

But the better way is to be in control of your surroundings, and allow others to control their own surroundings…

King David prepared his day before God.

“O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.” (Psalms 5:3 ESV)

Notice this is a singular voice spending time before God. It does not say he did it with anyone else, but the voice mode indicates his own personal time before the day begins.

Even Abraham, long before David, had the same habit.

And Abraham went early in the morning to the place where he had stood before the LORD.   (Genesis 19:27 ESV)

Again, this is a singular voice… Why do we surround ourselves with people and clutter the first thing in the morning? Why can we not simply carve out our time before God long before we start the busyness of the day?

How about you? What’s your personal morning routine when you are on the go?


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