Lost in the Hour

It has become almost routine.

Thief of TimeI still struggle with the Fall Back schedule more than the Spring Forward event. My sleeping habits are firmly established. After 5-6 hours with my eyes closed, I find myself awake and the day started. Mess with that proverbial clock and you find me up at 4:22… This morning… With an extra hour given to me to enjoy any way I want… I find myself….

Lost. In the Hour of Change.

Historically, there are many lost hours in our lives. Maybe a single one here, or a group of them over there. We could lose an hour to pure enjoyment, or even distraction – regardless, we cannot make up for lost time. The only thing to do is re-prioritize and work on squeezing in the tasks on top of some other time that will have its own duties rescheduled…

Living like this constantly takes a huge toll

Take yesterday as a prime example. I have a number of school tasks to finish. Not so much as in deadlines, but with a conference next week there are some definitive things I need to accomplish. Saturday was going to be my day!

As I returned from a morning men’s brunch about an hour from home (2 hours in drive time, 2 hours in meeting time), I realized that several 30 minute segments of my planned day were lost. A new task inserted itself into my schedule and I wasted some time getting it resolved. Then, I changed tactics at home just to help my wife with a task she was working on.

Before you knew, KA BLAM, my clock showed me to be several hours behind schedule. 

Nose to the grindstone. Slap some shoe leather on the pavement.  Let’s get busy! There’s not any left over time to waste being unproductive!

Phone calls, distractions and a host of extra tasks sort of blew my schedule out of the water. Before you knew it, the day and evening was over. Little was accomplished that was scheduled at the beginning of the day. A thief had stolen my time and I was responsible for letting my time be stolen.

Truth be known? I was probably my own worst enemy and stole the time from myself… Just saying…

Remember, this was also the evening that we should turn our clocks back an hour… Fall Back… Bedtime at 11:30, was actually 10:30. Getting up at 5:30 is actually 4:30… Get the picture…

Anyway… It made me think of a scripture that Jesus spoke a time late in his ministry. He was describing life at a late hour of watchfulness and readiness.

But know this, that if the master of the house had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and would not have let his house be broken into. Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.  (Matthew 24:43-44 ESV)

Notice, the master of the house had no idea which night would be in question, but had he known then he would have prepared that very night for the visitation. If we are talking about the end time, then we also know that no one knows the day, nor hour. The time, nor season. (Matthew 24:36, Acts 1:7)

We just don’t know! And because this knowledge is lost to us – it behooves us to be consistently ready and watchful.

Watchful every moment. For in a moment you think not… You could be Lost in the Hour. 
No where else in scripture, and by no other person than Jesus, we find his utterance…
Watch and pray. You know not when. But the day is coming. Let’s not be Lost in the Hour. 

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