All Pastors Are Perfect

Or so some say…

2014-11-02 13.58.38The reality is that a pastor is no different than anyone else. Only, they have a different calling on their life. One person told me, “You have to be crazy to be a pastor.” Other than the responsibility of the position, there are huge blessings that come from my calling.

  • People chose to come to our church, and many times a church is selected based upon the pastor. We have some folks driving quite a difference to get to our imperfect location. It can’t be because of our perfect building!
  • I have a larger family group. With no family in my state, there are times you feel alone, but with my church I never feel lonely. I understand when someone needs some time away, but I sure miss seeing folks when they are away. Even for one service. Seldom does my natural family get together like our church gets together, so I get to enjoy my church family a lot!
  • The church is a huge melting pot with all types of people represented in each service. What a great place to learn how to cross-connect and to learn. Growing up in a narrowed focus of life I have sure learned how to appreciate and enjoy the diversity of our congregation.
  • Our church is a place where we learn to become, and then go to serve – and each of us have this particular responsibility to share with each other. We are not in this alone.

I am sure this is an endless list, but it’s a wonderful starting place!

October is pastoral appreciation month. Never has a church expressed love like our church did yesterday. Total shock and surprise. One of the men presented me with the gift card basket and all the special notes. Then he opened his mouth and defined  me to the church. Quite accurately. I have only known him for a few years but he spoke like he knew me for most of my adult life.

In the midst of this busy time period, I know that I am far from perfect. It’s in my attempt to strive for perfection that my beautiful church family allows me the opportunity to grow, and become everything I have the potential of being. I hope all feel the same respect in return.

Thank you, church family, for your consistent love. I appreciate being a part of your life.


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