Somewhere, The End of the Rainbow

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow, Bluebirds fly!

By Darin and Duana Sargent in Maui
By Darin and Duana Sargent in Maui

When I was in the 4th grade, our class put on a grand production of the Wizard of Oz. Chris Carpenter was Dorothy. Her dad was the astronaut of fame in the early 60’s. I sang in the choir, and had several background roles to play.

You know, when you are in the play you never get to see the entire production.

Last week I enjoyed sitting in the Cracker Barrel for a combination of Lunch, with Breakfast food – of course.  The waitress’s name was “Rainbow”… I asked about it’s source. Here’s her testimony as I remember it.

In was in the state of Oklahoma, when her mom checked in with the doctor soon before delivery, she was confronted with bad news. After multiple tests, the doctor was concerned. The baby was not fully developed and would not live long. The doctor said the little boy would die quickly. Mom was highly incensed and would not accept the doctors diagnosis and verdict. She left the office quickly, with husband in tow. 
They eventually pulled over to the side of the road and discussed the news. Neither accepted the news. They prayed, and as they looked out over the planted field in front of them, they saw a double rainbow.
For the next few weeks, they were comforted from their prayers, and eventually delivery happened – and out came a healthy baby Girl!
The doctor was wrong on the gender and the diagnosis!
Because they remembered the Rainbow whey they prayed, my waitress ended up with the name Rainbow!

Names are important. They not only show where your heart is as you name your child, they also show promise for the future. Because of Biblical references, few would name their child Judas, Ichabod, Delilah… But each year children are saddled with the latest and greatest fad name from some movie role. Multiple kids growing up in the same class at school will have the same called name.

I know it was often that I was in class with 3 – 4 Mike’s or Michael’s. For many years the various form of Mike was in the top named babies born in any given year. Among the Mike’s I know, most of them have this as their first name. Not me… It’s my middle name. My first is Carl. But I was not called that, nor Michael, but Mike.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to prove that Mike was not my middle name and that Michael should be used for legal purposes…. Headaches!

It’s almost like this huge dog we got at the SPCA in Anchorage. It was a Heinz 57 – multiple breeds rolled up into one big loveable dog. 165 lbs or so. We named him Bear… Of course, we did not think about calling out to him as we were prone to do to invite him to dinner… “Bear! Bear!” And here comes lumbering this big dog with varying shades of dark hair and fur that I suspect he could be mistake as a Bear!

So, future parents, when you get close to naming something close to you, think long and hard about the name that would go best for the child and not just some latest fad….

…And do the regular spelling and pronunciation. Tired, I am, of all the variations… Just Sayin’.


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