Welcome Home!

What is Home?

2014-11-11 09.14.26-1Each of us have a different definition, and description, of our best definition of home.

One person noted how they knew my heart was in Alaska, and I agree with my whole heart – Alaska best defines what I happily call my home.

Jason & Liz 001Still, there are more important things to home than simply destination.

A place of God is most important, along with certain creature comforts. It would also be nice to have family close by. In my present state, there is not a single person related to me, except my wife, and that’s by marriage. It’s several hours away and to a state south, and a state to the east, that I finally find someone related to me.

When I think of where I came from, well, there are lots of family members and past connections that flood my mind.Lunch with the Family - Celebrating Mom and Dad 60th I will never live there again unless God tells me to. I have gotten used to cooler weather, snow capped mountains, icy rivers… If I look close enough at Mt Rainier I can see a few hanging glaciers – move me closer to the mountain, and I would be happy!

The one thing I make an important note of, we can be happy anywhere God places us. If he is our heart, then happiness is where the heart is.

Having returned from three trips over the past five weeks, I found places that I think would be interesting to visit and live in. I even found reason for enjoying each place.

Texas has the bulk of my family, but it would have to take more than just them to relocate. Missionaries are flung all around the world and are far from their home. I will be content with periodic visits.

2014-11-05 18.54.35While in Tennessee for a Dave Ramsey Stewardship Conference, I reconnected with the best sandwich shop in the world!

I have been eating at Schlotsky’s since about 1977 or so… Wow. That’s nearly 40 years! Though it’s good, it is not a reason to relocate – only a reason to go visit.

Sure, Tennessee had all the interesting and beautiful spots of city and country, but again, there must be more than simply beauty and enjoyment. Yes, we have good friends in and around the state, and family in Kentucky… Still, with retirement approaching we must think about the ending of days, instead of those beginning days 40 years ago.

Where is the best place to be?

The one thing I note, about home – without my bride I am thinking it would be an unhappy existence… So, where does she call home?

2014-07-03 07.37.47


With me, of course!