Foundation = Heritage and Legacy

In alphabetical order, of course.

Temple Foundation Stone
Temple Foundation Stone

These past few weeks have produced some interesting thoughts. I am not sure where all of this leaves me, but I am sure of one thing:

I am proud of my heritage, and want to leave a good legacy!

This does not mean that my heritage is perfect, nor that my legacy will be well received.

It does mean that I came into this world with a certain set of parameters that define my life, and I will leave this world with hopefully an improved set of parameters that will bless future generations.

We are never limited by our heritage unless we do nothing to improve our position in life. But rest assured, your legacy precedes you into the history books to future generations!

2014-11-09 09.21.05Last week I preached at a church that was founded in 1921. Today, nearly 100 years later, this church has constantly improved its foundation in a small farming community, but the people that might have once made up it’s congregational base is not the same group that lived in the area back then.

Each pastor is presented with the heritage of the church past, and wants to leave a better future legacy. As the demographics of the area change, then the church must adapt to the new reality.

Picture by Pastor Myles Young
Picture by Pastor Myles Young

A good friend is in London and has attended the church that was once the home of Charles Spurgeon. Of course, it is not the same denomination today as it was back in the 1800’s, but at least for the area it is still a church full of Christians that love God.

You see, this church has a heritage and is producing a legacy!

As each generational change slides into home base, the next generations rounding the bases must be prepared to lead the effort to continue to be relevant. The way a church existed 100 years ago will not necessarily exist successfully today.

This does not mean we throw out the heritage that is passed to us, rather, we build upon the solid foundation and proceed to enhance with a growing legacy.

While in Jerusalem in 2012, I was able to go under the surface layer of the Temple Mount. We were able to touch and stand in awe of the foundation stones of the temple. How deep we were below the surface level? I am not sure, but the size and length of the stones made me happy for modern equipment that would build the foundation for today’s skyscrapers!

Without a solid foundation, the structure will eventually fail.

The psalmists cries out, ”

Of old you laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands. They will perish, but you will remain; they will all wear out like a garment. You will change them like a robe, and they will pass away, but you are the same, and your years have no end.  (Psalms 102:25-27 ESV)

I guess what I am saying, in part, is that the building and structure as we know it today may fall by the wayside… But God never changes, and his foundation will never change.

So, be sure what foundation you accept your heritage from, and build only what will continue the legacy.

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