Be Still…

I enjoy my moments of quiet and stillness…

2014-12-15 08.59.44Where is your place and time of stillness?

I enjoy the quiet solitude of my yard as the morning sun paints beautiful beams of light, melting the frost into streams of vapor that escape to the sky.

Some beautiful times are spent just enjoying these quiet moments.

This reminds me of a song that was written and recorded in the book of Psalms, Chapter 46. It begins with an instruction that declares:

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

In this opening salvo we grasp the understanding of God who provides for our place of safety and strength! When we have present day trouble he is our help in the exact moment we need him. Though we may act desperate at times, we should simply trust that God is there every time we need him.

John Piper tweeted this morning, “God is always doing 10,000 things in your life, and you may be aware of three of them.”

We may not know exactly what we need on all levels of life, but if God is our help then I cannot help but believe that he is working out all things for our good. (Romans 8:27-29) In the background and foreground of our present, in the future, and yes, even in the past.

Later in the Psalms, the song states:

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”  (Psalms 46:10 ESV)

This is not a concept most of us are familiar with. Being Still. We tell our children to quit squirming and to be still, just as a dentist with a drill headed for our teeth might wish us to be still. Even in a moment of absolute fear, our entire being might be frozen into immobility, while our mind is swirling with adrenalized emotions.

The psalms tells us to “be still” and we automatically think of our physical being… Yet, we can never be totally still. Consider this:

“But at this moment I’m sitting on a piece of Earth at 34 ° 30’ North, which means I’m spinning west to east at a rate of about 860 miles an hour. At the equator, because of the larger bulge, 1,040. At the same time, my Earth is moving through its orbit around the Sun at 66,661 miles an hour, and my Sun is carrying itself and its planets toward the star Vega at something like 31,000 miles an hour. Our Sun and Vega move around the Galaxy at the blinding speed of 700,000 miles per hour, and the Galaxy itself rotates at 559,350 miles an hour. And that’s not all. Our Galaxy moves in relation to all other galaxies as they rush through the universe at a speed of better than 1,000,000 miles an hour. So when I sit here absolutely still I’m moving in six wildly different directions at an accumulated speed of… (he could not add the figures in his head) maybe two and a half million miles an hour. So I can never be motionless. I’m traveling always at speeds which are incomprehensible. And it’s all happening in real time.”

Michener, James A. (2014-03-18). Space: A Novel (Kindle Locations 10281-10290). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Think about it… We can never be truly still. Never. We are always in motion, even when we think we are hunkered down. Every molecule of our being is in motion. Every nerve ending is poised to send a message of our plight.

So, how does scripture indicate what our stillness to be?

One thought is that all the things that make us to be stricken with fear and desperation are the exact things we need to relax from. God is our refuge, strength, and in him there is no place of fear that causes frantic unrest.

Rather. We have a stillness and settled feeling in Him!


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