Catch of the Day

What catches your attention when you are out and about?

2014-12-22 08.48.40Some look at the beauty of scenery, a well appointed house, or even some interesting window dressing in a retail store.

I suppose anything will do, but when a classic car shows up, well, that’s something to take special note of!

It may be true that any classic car will do, but looking at a nice ol’ truck like this one… Well, makes me wish I had one!

A 1930 something or other GMC pickup. Nice boards in the back, original looking wheels and bumper, updated bucket seats (a little too much, maybe), and the red color just makes you want to look.

Over the years I’ve owned a number of trucks: Ford (53, 72, 77), GMC (77), Dodge (92, 03). Each has a favored memory, a special purpose, and a wish that I still owned them today!

My 1953 Ford was the 50th anniversary of Ford, and it said so on the horn button. My 1977 GMC was my first new vehicle, 1/2 ton, 305 v8, Sea Mist Green. Both of my Dodge’s have been diesel, 4wd. My only red truck was the 72 Ford Camper Special I bought in Alaska. My favorite is my current truck – 2003 Dodge Diesel with about 270,000 miles on it – a great excuse for a road trip just waiting to happen!

I have family and friends who like other brand and style of vehicles, some are rebuilding, and others are simply collectors – but still there is nothing like having an old truck! Listening to my dad talk about the old trucks of his younger years is nice, and I can only imagine what my granddad owned back in the day of history.

1964 Falcon1964 RancheroA little run-about truck that I think would be fun to own is a 1964/65 Ford Ranchero.

This would be great for around town activities, and besides it would be a match to my first car I ever owned – 1964 Ford Falcon, much like this pictured one.

2014-07-03 07.37.47Of course, I cannot get by without mentioning my second car that was a favorite – of course it was my car when I met and then married my bride! 1971 Dodge Dart Sport, Orange, White vinyl top and bucket seats, 225 slant six…

A friend noted that I seem to connect with my history of cars and I must admit that cars link nostalgically to my past. The futuristic cars being designed by auto makers makes one wish for “tomorrow’s world” but it’s the car of the past that gives me roads to travel in my mind.