Earliest Christmas Memory

Being born in January of the best year ever – 1955…

Gurley Kids Christmas 1960 or soOften means you just missed out on something important from the prior year that just passed!

Yep. Thanksgiving! My cousin, Lyn, was born right before that Holiday in 1954, but I am sure he has no real memories of it. Yet, he has been through one more trio of year end celebrations than I even though we are only 3.5 months apart in age.

Perhaps our real memories of the holiday does not even register in 1955, so it was probably 1956 or so.

Along with being the eldest, I assume that this means I have the most memories. Somewhere close to the ending of 1956 I have a vague recollection of a tree and presents, cookies and milk, and the impatient waiting for something to happen – and I was not so sure what it would be like.

It may only be the family movies that we have watched a gazillion times that makes me think I remember anything specific. Vaughn is here, and toddling. Ken is still about 6 months away, and I am sure this may be the time that we got our rocking chairs. I just don’t remember!

1957 introduced Ken to the scene, and then Teresa showed up in 1958. I remember trips to Sears in Pasadena to visit with Santa. For some reason this seemed to be the most frequent of shopping stops – nice toy department, good book selection, and of course the fun of an escalator.

Through the years, till I left home, it seemed we were always going somewhere for Christmas.

Mom’s parents or Dad’s parents. Ace, Livingston, Lake Murvaul, Channelview. The list seems endless of the places we met for our annual gift exchange and family time. It almost seems like we never stayed home unless our house became the meeting place that year.

Regardless, it was fun. BB Guns, toy guns, fire crackers. Playing ball. Enjoying the cousins from Kentucky.

This year, my bride and I are staying home. She gets just the single day off this year and it’s been a tiring few weeks. We don’t decorate the house any longer so there’s nothing to clean up from, and we don’t give each other gifts – we just buy something that we call our “together” Christmas gift and enjoy it together.

Between her family and mine, we are spread across the nation and it’s difficult to make gatherings happen. If there was one thing I would wish for Christmas this year, maybe we could enjoy a family gathering before we are all gone.

Maybe Next Year!

Merry Christmas all, and to all a good night!


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