The Year Is Coming To A Close

It seems everyone wants to reflect…

2015Let’s look over our shoulder and analyze the events of the past year. Some will reflect on those who have passed on, others on the tragic events, while others will focus on the positive advancements of science, medicine and technology.

Regardless, the year has passed and anything we review is essentially history. The good, along with the bad.

I woke up with a thought slightly different and would like to examine it.

What if next year is reflected by how you spend the last few days of this year?

What did you start out 2014 with, and what did you do with it throughout the year? If you could analyze 2014 in light of where you were, and where you are – today, right now… What is the positive and negative our your choices?

Perhaps the year had some surprises! Of course, we all experience those, but how we deal with those moments of enjoyment or shocking revelations is really the crux of the matter. What’s your mettle?

Then, consider where you are right now and how full your life is….

Where’s your joy being spent and is it reflective of what next year will be like? How much time are you devoting to family or your spiritual well-being, and what will your world be like next year? What are you investing in for the future? What are you preparing yourself for in order to improve your lot in life?

What if next years successes and failures are gauged by the effort you put into these last few days of 2014? What will year end 2015 look like?

We heard the old adage, “The best time to plant a tree for shade is 20 years ago!” Preparing for the future means making some wise plans today. But preparing for 2015 really takes into account where you are right now.

And 2015 is just a few days away!

Putting God first in all things really seems to be the direction I lean, and how I want to leap into next year. From my Bible software a scripture showed up today that is really appropriate for where we are in God. He has hemmed us in in our past and in our future!

What a great thought…

Psals 139-5