One Step At A Time

A Journey Begins with the First Step

Lewis and Clark JournalsIn the early stages of preparing for a journey there are many tasks that must be accomplished. Planning, purchasing, repairing, completing, readying. Many lists are made, and check marks path the completed items. Writing and rewriting. Planning and re-planning.

I enjoy reading about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Great plans and hopes on finding a water pathway across the North American continent. The amount of planning it took in order to be prepared to walk the wilderness for several years. I mean, how much paper do you take to accurately record the event?

It was almost like preparing for the drive to Alaska that first time in 1977… 5,000 miles!

Then the day arrives for the first step! No fear or trepidation. Let’s take that first baby step into the new year and let’s make it a great success!

Dave Ramsey posted this morning a wonderful thought for the first day of your journey into the new year:

“A new year is a fresh start. A good reminder to learn from the past, but leave it there. This clean slate is like GRACE.” ~Dave Ramsey

We all need this advice. It is true there are left overs from last year that may give us some grief, but for the most part this new year will be what you make it to be.

I was thinking about why we make a new year so important. After all, it is really only a counting mechanism to move us down the path of life. In fact there is a website you can use to determine some interesting data about various numbering systems in relation to how long you have been alive.  (Click Here)

For me, it’s a staggering concept to thing I have been alive for a little over a half a century…

Number of days alive on 1-1-15Sort of brings things into perspective. If this is a new year with no backward glance at the past, then have I wasted these past years, months, weeks, hours, minutes or seconds?

Of course not!

Yet, embedded in our past is much wasted time. I plan on improving my statistics for 2015 to not waste any more time than necessary.

So, a new year is for accounting purposes only, at least in my book. I check off another year passed, move the numbers around on the page to show the growth, and then strike off into the new years.

For some, they are already thinking that it’s only 357 days until Christmas! Or, this year holds graduations, weddings, promotions, … or whatever you have laid out on your calendar. Regardless, this is the first day to successfully reaching your future goal.

So, how about let’s just make this the best year ever!

How about you?




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