All Cylinders

How Do We Get Them All Working Together?

Engine CylinderA sparking thought raced through my mind this morning. After witnessing their win over the opponents, the Seahawks celebrated their win with great joy and satisfaction. Russell Wilson’s QB stats were seemingly near perfect, but not everything worked correctly.

Almost like a cylinder in an engine misfiring, there were some issues. Lynch was held to only 59 yards, his lowest ever in a playoff. Sacks, fumbles, mis-ques and a variety of other maladies plagued their approach to a near perfect win.

The fans were loud, their fervor operating a a fever pitch, the echoing of sound crashing from wall to wall. The costumes, the excitement, the foolish chants, and the outlandish excitement from seeing their team dominate.

What an exciting time they all had!

As I compared the effort of the entire event, from the smallest task to the largest expense, I wondered at how it seemed the entire event came out so well. 75,000+ fans, teams, venues, products, staff, volunteers, utilities, lights, cameras, …. almost an endless list replete with things that could have gone wrong.

Considering the simplicity of a ball game, the complexity of bringing everything together to make it function is amazing!

This morning I write a little late as I prepare for Sunday service. A small group of around 100 or so will meet in a couple of hours. Cleaning, practicing, preparing, studying, prayer, getting clothes ready, cars working, weather cooperating…

And we are going to stand corporately in the presence of God!

What better calling can we have than to gather in concert to worship our creator and prepare our hearts for the week and work ahead.

Looking forward to church as fervently and as ready as those who participated in the contest at Century Link Field yesterday!


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