When The 60/40 Rules!

We conqueror the world!

60 40 RuleAt our church planning event last night we talked about the 80/20 rule. We all experience the results of 20% of the people (or products, or tasks) who do 80% of the work (or sales, or solutions). In our world it seems the number is different and I commented that I think it’s more 60/40.

That hit me differently this morning. As of today I am 60, and we have been married 40 years!

I spent some time searching for a 60/40 rule and came up with several facts regarding this combination of numbers.

  • A food product for babies is traditionally called “Similac 60/40”!
  • The Urban Dictionary says this is the age when 60 year old men start picking up younger women and 40 seems to be the age they look for!
  • Another bloggers states: “The 60/40 rule says that if you *think* you are doing your fair share (50%) of the work, then in fact you’re probably only doing 40%. A more accurate ‘fair’ system would be if you try to do 60% of the chores/tasks. If you think you are doing 60%, then (probably) you are in fact actually doing about 50% of the work.”
  • CNBC says this is the traditional split between an investors portfolio in stocks and bonds, and there are many articles talking about throwing the 60/40 ratio away!

Lot’s of fun looking at this, and to think that my marriage is only 2/3 of the time I have spent in my life! And, if the math ever be truthful, I will never be married the same amount of time of my age! We were 19 and 18 when we married, and our life together will always be 19 or 18 years less than our total age.

Still, if I take that 60/40 rule to heart, then the blogger that wrote about giving 60% of ourselves to the marriage is a smart thinking concept. Always try to do more than you think you have a right to expect and you will never be dissatisfied with the effort of your marriage! We foolishly think that giving the bare minimum is all that it takes to keep the marriage together, and when we give 100% of the effort to the task and feel like our partner is giving less, then we become dissatisfied quickly. When we feel like we are giving more than someone else, but we see they are giving into the relationship also, then we are content that we are equally committed to the relationships success.

In fact, there is one more blog post I would point you to that would talk about this 60/40 rule. Check it out. (Click here)

So, the 60/40 rule that conquerors the world… How do we do it? With gratefulness and love!!

  • To my parents who produced me, and to the heritage from which I come, I am so thankful for the investment that is paying off in many significant ways!
  • To my wife who agreed to marry me and become my loving bride, thank you for loving me these 40+ years!
  • To my siblings, yes, I am leading the pack in age and I really appreciate the fact that we are all so close… You will be here sooner than you realize! Love you and your families, one and all!
  • To my children, my kids and their families. Thank you for your love. I’m praying for each of you.
  • To my friends and extended family – you are all a part and portion of who I am. Love you all!
  • To those friends who have been so much to me over the years, both near and far. You have been the iron to my iron that produces the sharpened person I have become in so many ways. Thanks!
  • To my church family, thank you so much, and in ways I can never really express, for your love and faithfulness.

Now, 60/40’s, Unite!


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