And According to the Beatles,

“… all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay
Oh, I believe in yesterday”

Rear View MirrorYesterday was my birthday, and for a few short minutes I got to enjoy being the center of attention! Of course, my kids came here about 10 days ago and we celebrated my 60 birthday then, so yesterday was just the official date.

The thing about yesterday is that too often we dwell upon the past and what it once was like. And, if we had the power, we would often rather slip back into that past and re-live and re-experience.

Whether there be good times or bad times, the past has a hold on us! As we move further into the future, the past is like a beckoning siren song that we see in the rearview mirror.

The good that was the past, is still the good that is in the present. Most of that good exists in our thoughts and memories. Yes, I remember with great fondness those enjoyable places and people and times, but it is the present that I must deal with. And that’s today!

There are no troubles today that were not there yesterday, or at least in the forming stages. When we think of the past we often have this glowing view of how perfect the past was! We think with shaded memories of those past years, and wish that the present was as perfect as the past.

There is a song I thoroughly enjoy listening to by an artist that speaks in tones and language that makes a lot of sense. Besides, she is one of the few that have such a clear sound that I can understand every word! Have you ever listened to Alison Krauss? Click here to watch the video to the song below.

“Simple Love”

Little yellow house sittin’ on a hill
That is where he lived
That is where he died
Every Sunday morning
Hear the weeping willows cry
Two children born
A beautiful wife
Four walls and livin’s all he needed in life
Always giving, never asking back
I wish I had a simple love like that
I want a simple love like that
Always giving, never askin’ back
For when I’m in my final hour lookin’ back
I hope I had a simple love like thatMy momma was his only little girl
If he’d had the money he’d have given her the world
Sittin’ on the front porch together they would sing
Oh how I long to hear that harmonyI want a simple love like that
Always giving never asking back
When I’m in my final hour looking back
I hope I had a simple love like thatI want a simple love like that
Always giving never asking back
When I’m in my final hour looking back
I hope I had a simple love like that


I believe I have that simple kind of love with my wife, and I sure hope so with my family. But key words and phrases of the song keeps popping up – simple, love, always giving, never asking back, harmony… Words that describe the perfect concept of life lived with someone else in mind. I think that is still part of the “yesterday” that we all hope for, and perhaps we should all still work toward – even when life is less than what we want it to be.

My thought today. I cannot live in the “yesterday’s”… Maybe the past can be replicated in certain ways, but the present and the future is my focus.