Reminiscing About Germs

At least, that’s what I called them…

Germ ShirtGerm Shirts. This thought bumped into my mind while reading my local weekly newspaper discussing our new government starting business here in Washington. Germs. Hmmmm…

It would have been in the 60’s, and since then I do not ever remember owning anything like this, but somehow my wardrobe ended up with some button shirts that had germs all over them. And they became my favorite shirts to wear, and wear out. It wore well, and it stayed sharp without a bunch of ironing – at least that is what my 2015 memory says!

Back in those days you wore your button down shirts tucked in, and T-Shirts hanging out.

Other than trying on blue jeans, I do not ever remember shopping for all my outer clothing articles. I’m sure mom did it all and bought what ever caught her eye and budget. Speaking of budget:

I do remember my grandmother making us some button shirts during the grade school years, but the pocket was so high on the chest it was a useless addition. Our other source for clothes came from hand-me-downs. With a lot of boys in the extended family, there was always this paper bag passed on to the next family with a bunch of clothes.

It was only years later that I learned the germ pattern on the shirts was actually called “paisley” and I had to look it up to see what it meant.

…a distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures based on a pine-cone design from India.

Of course, another definition says it’s from Persia, which could include the continent that includes India. Although, modern day Iran is basically the Persia of old.

I still like my name best. Germ Shirt.



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