Sacred and Holy

Twice I have been to the Western Wall.

IMG_6198Twice I have stood before it and contemplated its construction and purpose. I thought about something a few minutes ago.

Touching something old and original….

Here is my hand,  touching the Western Wall, more commonly called the Wailing Wall. One of the closest places to the location to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and the only place that Jews can touch and pray at. It is often called the Wailing Wall because it is where they could pray and cry out to God for their loss, and hope for their future.

It is believed by many Jews that praying and leaving a written prayer at the wall and as close to the Holy of Holiest location possible will always have the attention of God.

IMG_6228We toured beneath the Western Wall and you could see the effort it took to build a strong foundation for what is seen above. Solid beams of rock with no seams over 40 feet in length, and approximately 6 feet tall and 15 feet thick.

What did it take to create such a monstrous stone and what effort did it take to move it into place?

Tremendous strength below holding up the wall above.

This brings me to the things we call sacred and holy.

How deep is our foundation for what we deem sacred and holy? It seems like every religion has a holy place, or article, or even a teaching, that yearns to be touched and remembered by it’s followers.

Some replace this concept of holy with the location of popular figures in the public eye, be they entertainers or business people, even man-made objects of art and architecture.

It would seem everyone has something to worship, even when they claim to be irreligious.

What do you worship so respectfully that you have studied and supported and polished your respect of the item? I remember the days of the baseball card collectibles. Kids by the millions would buy those foiled wrapped packages hoping to add to their collection, knowing that if they scored a rare card then they could be rich and famous. Stores popped up on every corner!

Where are they today?

The one thing I have ingrained in my self is a focus on that which is sacred and holy, giving great respect for the foundation to those things that mean so much to my life. The purveyors and supporters of the sacred and holy will come and go, but it is my hope that the sacred and holy will never become as worthless as those lost stores and cards of old.


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