Rocks and Horizons

Each of us are unique where we are today…

HorizonsBut each of us are unique from where we once were, and where we will be in the future.

Consider this. Our likes and dislikes will change, foods we once abhorred will become like on old friend, and people we were close to, well, they (or you) will simply diverge in the woods, each going their own direction.

Let me give you an example.

In Junior High, I loved the school of learning. But life showed up with some barriers and all of a sudden I could not wait to get away from school. So much so that I changed high school my senior year just to end the school day and school year early. College became like a buffet line, taking only what I needed to advance or only what interested my. Yes, I took a class on building and flying RC airplanes – probably at the same time I was taking a management course.

It was later, when online campuses opened up schooling to my schedule and not on some classroom time frame that interfered with family, work or recreation. In fact, I found that for the most part I excelled in school and rapidly moved through my degrees that I was wanting before I turned 60.

Horizons and RocksThen, reading between several posts yesterday and today, I sort of realized that if I were younger, and if learning was as easy as it is today with the advent of online, there is so much more I would accomplish with my younger view of the horizon. Rather, I walk around looking for the hindrances, or the rocks, of my next few steps.

With so little time left it would seem the next few steps are more trouble for me than the horizons of my youth.

Looking at the horizon keeps me dreaming big and wishing for what’s around the corner.

Looking at the rocks keeps me focused on the day to day and making sure I do not stub my toe!

If I could write pages and tell you how deeply I feel about this, then I could load you down with examples and exercises to test where you are, and to help you find what you are looking for.

Let me think it through like this: When you are young, dream big. But dream about where you will be when you reach my age. Now, it’s not that the horizons are gone, but if I had done things differently in my youth with training and finances, then those horizons would still be on the verge of being realized. What if education had been more easily available for me in my younger years, how much more would I have accomplished before the ending years arrive.

The problem is, as a friend stated to me several weeks ago in words like the following: “Most men your age are looking for a place to slow down at. You are an enigma. You are looking for your next challenge.”

I guess I’m different. I still look at the horizons wishing for that next “conquest” and am not willing to slow down to enjoy my collection of rocks!

So, ask this question: “Will I have accomplished all those big ideas so that I will be able to enjoy the rocks before me?”


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