Blending, or Standing Out Like A Sore Thumb!

You know you stand out…

TrucksWhen you are purposefully, or accidentally, different than everything else around you…

You know, everyone has a hat on, but you, of course. Or. Everyone laughs at the joke and you say, “I don’t get it!”

For some reason you don’t blend in…

I’m not sure if I enjoy blending, but I understand the concept of not being too different! Though I don’t “fit” in to everything. Still, there is something to be said for standing on your values and not trying to blend in to the world around you just so you “fit”.

I was sharing the other night, when in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the popular movement of the day wrapped around a burgeoning drug culture. I have never tried, nor wanted, drugs. I tried a small glass of whisky, or some other bottled drink, and realized that it’s ignitable – who wants to drink something that can burn? A cigarette was half tried and I realized that the smoke was something you ran from when sitting around a camp fire – so why enjoy it’s ingestion?

So, I have attended events over the years where I definitely do not fit in, and I’m okay with that. It helps me understand why that world doesn’t suit me at all! Of course, not all of these are worldly events – some are spiritual. I definitely know where I should be, and where I am uncomfortable hanging out!

How about you? Do you understand where and when you blend, and don’t?


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