It’s Never Over, Till It’s Over

Lessons Learned Everywhere…

I was thinking about the Seahawks loss at the Superbowl. Marching down the field. Firing passes. Bullying through the line in the running game. Game over! Right? One more push with enough time to seal the deal…

Of course, in the last seconds we see the game lost to the opposition. It wasn’t over until the last moment of competition play.

Sometimes we give up too quickly. There is still plenty of opportunity in the closing seconds of anything we do to completely wrap up the deal successfully.

I remember a meeting that went so very well, until the last moment. In reverse, I remember a meeting that went badly until the very last moment, then it turned around!

We must not slow down our efforts just because it seems all is lost.

The famous speech by Winston Churchill. Just a few words say it all. We need to live by the mantra of these words.

“Never. Never. Never Give Up.”

Those last seconds of anything are just as important as the opening salvo.

It’s almost like that person with “short timers” attitude. They have been let go, or they have resigned. Instead of pounding the work before them, they slack off and let up. Why?

My good name, reputation and work ethics demand that I never give up until the day and time is over with.

How about you? Do you feel like there is no hope in finishing the task ahead of you?


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