Lost in the Search

I read so much, think so much…

Library - DavincA I am always searching for information to add to my depth and breath of knowledge, it seems ludicrous that I would remember everything. In fact, I know there are times that I have lost something that was important.

It is almost like that fleeting thought that comes and goes as if a hummingbird darts in for nutrition and flutters away…

It used to be bound books that contained all of my source of information. I collected them for future needs. For now, easily half my private library lives in cardboard boxes. Who knows if I will ever turn to them like I had once planned.

Jesus even spoke of the need to do research, but it was more focused on finding his role in scripture.

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. (John 5:39 KJV)

There is justification to having a access to research material in order to find an original source. Back then it was perhaps scrolls. Today it is a bound book. Tomorrow (which is my today), it is my digital library.

My LOGOS system has 6,900 or so completely indexed and referenced books. E-Sword has several hundred. And I know that there are older systems in the file drawers that give me even more books.

Take into account my recent university pursuits where I focused on purchasing and accessing digital books instead of printed books – since my travels often kept me away from home where a library might be only reached from the comforts of a library. Let’s see, there’s over 100 digital books in my collection simply for this purpose.

Add to all of this the plethora of information available through encyclopedic sites like Britannica, Wikipedia, and others.

Finally, my digital readers have given me portable access to books that I enjoy reading, from which I probably have another 1,000 in my collection. Some for fun, others for serious pursuits.

Could it perhaps be said that there is an unlimited source available to me? Sure!

Still, what I have collected is still not the final source. As I look through Social Media that leads to writing by folks who have something to say, I will often send and email to my self with the link to the source, or a copy of the information, to research at a later date.

I have been doing this for years. How you you save information?

Recently I have been playing around with Evernote and Onenote to become a storage library for this information. It may work, but I am worried about putting all my eggs into a basket that may disappear at some future time when something “new and improved” comes along. Then an act of conversion will be required… Not sure if I want to commit to a future like that!

On a side note of this is the reality of it happening to a friend who had linked all of his Word documents to an open-source Bible program – only to have the programmer changing directions and removing the ability to link thousands of pages.

So, with all of this information available at my fingertips, how do I catalog it into usable material. When I read, my brain retains a lot of material, but it is totally useless if I do not know how to put it to work.

In the midst of using all of this information, there are times that the elusive thoughts that are hard to find in the midst of vast storage of information.

This happened over the past few days. I found a tremendous article that I thought would help us see the real purpose of “vast wasteland” of social media. It spoke to me as I struggle with connecting with people that are important to me. One person posts only posters, another tries to sell a product, someone else only re-post’s another persons rants. It is tiring to sort through all of this and find something of value, whether is be relational or personal.

I have searched through my connections over the past 3 days…

I realize it is almost a complete waste of time. Hidden in the news, advertisements, blog links (yes, this includes mine!), podcasts, and all of the political formulation of real time regurgitation – you will probably find what I found… Real needs of hurting people, desperate personal battles that people are struggling with, and the hurting masses that are looking for someone to help them dig out of their situation.

Take a few moments of time and look back over the social feeds in your pathway. What do you find? What are you doing about it?

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