Collectibles, and Stuff

Why Am I Always Interested in Stuff….

2015-04-07 14.54.51And call them collectibles?

Wandering my property I often find some neat items. Generally rock. Small ones. Large ones. Odd shaped and even round ones. When I find something that catches my eye I simply pick it up, and put it on my desk with my favored ones.

2015-01-15 10.20.15Some are so big that they would not fit in the back of my truck, so I simply unearthed them completely and left them where I found them. Big Granite Rocks. You can have them if you want to come get them…

A few months ago I gave one of my favored round granite rocks (sized like these in the photo) to a good friend in Texas. I know he’ll appreciate it, and not for it’s value, but more for the thought behind it. I found it, and now I give it away.

Just a thought, it isn’t really a collectible unless you hate to give it away….

2015-01-07 07.12.56I’ve shared before that I have collected petrified wood for a long time. The top one on the left was from a hunting trip in Texas, the top one on the left was from our childhood home backyard when we tore down the old horse paddock. The big one came to me via my brother who got it from our next door neighbor… and it must weigh 100 lbs…

All three of them have been with me from Texas, north to Alaska, and now here in Washington.

I do have other rocks and have always been interested in researching their composition and creation. Sometimes rocks can be collectible, and maybe they will make some money? Huh? Isn’t that why we collect things? Money?

I’m not sure this will happen here!

My daughter-in-law gave me another piece she picked up at a “Gem and Mineral” show. I think she has the bug of finding rocks that can be made to be profitable…

Hmmmm… Maybe there is a way to make money!