First: Control is the Key

How Many Rainbows Do You Need?

Four Rainbos by Amanda Curtis - Long Island NY
Four Rainbows, Amanda Curtis, Long Island, NY

We often think of the Pot of Gold found at the end of the Rainbow.

Yet, I have seen the foot of a rainbow between me and my neighbors house, and there was no pot. No gold. No riches. No wealth.

You do not “luck” into a pot of God. Very few people accidentally find Wealth. There was a couple in California that found a stash of gold coins on their property that was there for a long time, but this is an unusual event. (Click Here to read story.

Still, we keep looking and searching and hoping.

I wonder, if we were to put the same effort into hard work to make wealth – what would our results be?

Think about Benjamin Franklin who said, “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” and this is basically a re-quote from William Lowndes (1652-1724), a former Secretary to the Treasury of Great Britain, who said, “Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves.”

Watching the little things in life and managing them well, will probably help you manage the large things.

I am finding that there are some secrets to being successful in this venture, and some of these secrets require great discipline to accomplish.

Over the next few blog posts I want to share with you the various secrets I am working through in order to properly organize my world. They will not be new, nor will they be in an order that is critical, but they are helping me find control and organization.

Some of your “issues” may be similar to mine. I deal with organization, control, clutter, distractions, documentation, collecting…. Just to name a few. Letting loose of some things, but hanging on to others. Finding what’s important and managing life around me so that those important things get ordered properly.

Bishop Franklin Jones was often heard repeating a mantra that I hear in my head often: “Keep the main thing, the main thing.” There is a bedrock of truth here that we often allow our cluttered lives to camouflage. We hear it. We know it. Yet, it is lost in the backdrop of a busy life.

Colin Powell says, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

So, hope you stay tuned for the next few days….