Letting Loose of Your Control

Have you never thought it? Spoke it? Lived it?

2015-04-24 08.33.22“It’s often easier to do it myself than to allow someone else to mess it up!”

Still, there is something to be said for unlocking your control and allowing for different, even if imperfect, results.

This is hard to do. Even for me.

I often wonder if it’s because I am introverted and would just as soon as do it myself, or if there is a part of me that hates to see others do it differently than I would have?

Nor am I a micro-manager. I simply want results that I can live with!

My insight on this does not mean that I will do it better, only that I will have complete control – even if I am slower, and less perfect.

There was a day when I hired computer operators who had the potential to be much better than I, and with proper training and motivation it was enjoyable to see them excel.

Some months or years ago, I found this lock in my toolbox of computer parts. I do not remember acquiring it, nor do I remember the combination. It looks like I have been working the four dials attempting to discover the code, and unless I am willing to work through the 10,000 options if the numbers can be reused in any dial, or the 5040 options if a number can only be used once in the combination series (Math answer found here!), then I would probably we smarter to hand it off, or discard…

For this lock, I did not have sufficient memory of algebra to come up with the number of permutations, so I allowed someone else to do it for me. See, I can let loose of some of my control….

In a webinar with Michael Hyatt last night, one of the major points he noted was that it was okay to “outsource the difficult stuff”… To which I add, it’s not just the difficult stuff but also the time consuming stuff that ruts out my carefully crafted daily schedule!

And somewhere during my research yesterday I found that there were digital Executive Assistants who could take tasks off your plate and do things for you that takes up too valuable time.

Both of these ideas allow you to keep focused on what you do best!

Maybe that’s where letting loose of your control actually works to your advantage.

Knowing what you do best, and that which brings you the most satisfaction and financial gain should be where your focus lies. Everything else needs to be considered something that can be reassigned!

Your time is valuable, and the amount of it is the same for you ever week. 280 hours. Take away your sleep, relaxation and work hours… What do you have left?

If your tasks overwhelm you, what are you willing to give up for the sake of completing everything on your plate? That is why you should consider what you need to let loose of in your life. What is it?