How Do You Record Your Thoughts?

Like The Lost Chord, I Believe There Are Lost Thoughts!

Recording ThoughtsThis past week I listened to a publisher and author speak about collecting all those wayward thoughts that we have. They come at some of the strangest times. Middle of the night. Driving down the road. Even in the midst of a conversation!

Each of us have unique ways of collecting these thoughts for further consideration. I mean, if a brilliant business opportunity opened up in your mind that would make you unlimited income for the future, do you not think it worthy of making special note!

When I am working on my computer it is easy – either send an article to one of my collection software systems (Word, Pocket, Evernote, OneNote, etc…), or, I even send myself an email. When my life is portable, then I often record an audio file to listen to later, or send myself a text or email.

One of my better ways of recording something I see, like a sign, is to take a snapshot. A photo says so much more than that simple image you enjoy. Like artwork, it has nuances and shades and hidden meanings.

When I awake in the middle of the night, and to my chagrin I find that this does not work as well as one would think, I focus my thoughts on remembering this for the morning when I awake – and when it’s time to arise I draw a blank!

The problem with any method, however, is that the cryptically written or recorded thought may not make any sense to you later on!

Yesterday, I was looking at some wedding photo’s from 1966 of a friend and noted that I always look on the back of photo’s because there are often written notes of the content of the photo’s – names, dates, places, faces, etc. On the back of several of these photo’s were scribbling of names and numbers that did not correlate to the photo’s themselves! Even the owner could make no sense! 

Regardless of how you do it, I believe you owe it to yourself to capture the thought in some way that will be useful later on.