Whats Under the Hood?

Too often, a car guys first question…

Under The HoodProudly, often, an owner will speak in terms that only another car enthusiast can comprehend as s/he rattles off something like a language only understood truly by gear heads!

You seldom hear it with new cars in today’s world, but when you talk to someone who has restored a classic hot rod, then the language gets wild! From the engine, through the drive train, suspension… just get them talking and it’s hard to make them stop!

Way too many are clueless…!!

Chatting with someone the other day, they began describing the Core Principles of their life the same way a car guy describes their priceless joy.

CompassThis got me to thinking about what each of us have as a guiding light, or principle, that keeps our life on track. Again, too many are clueless. They have no internal track light that plans each step. They are without a compass that works in the darkest moments of life. If they close their eyes they become instant failures. If life throws them a curve, well, lets just imagine how any of us handle curve balls…

How do you handle the curves and falls of life? By having a core principle that sees you through the terrible moments.

Where do these principles come from?

Often they are things we grow up with but have never put into cohesive thought until we need them. Something happens and we simply respond. When we analyze our reaction, then we see that we came to our action because it is something we have seen done before, probably by a loved one.

A friend was sharing the other day that in his younger years he was somewhat a hand full. You know, typical teenager rebellion. Alone in his room he hears a voice on the other twin bed. His father. Praying for him. A changing point for sure. Can you imagine this example then following him into his own parenthood as he raises children? He becomes a father. Praying for his kids. Much like his dad.

This becomes a principle that he espouses to his church today, “We will not be what we are supposed to be unless we are a praying church.” Just like the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he leads his church in example of praying that comes from multiple generations.

“Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.” (Luke 11:1 ESV)

See what I mean? Something from childhood guides the next generation. Its like the granddaughter cutting off the end of a ham before cooking it. “Mom, why do you cut off the end of the ham?” I don’t know, we have always done it this way! A few phone calls down the generational tree and you find out that the grandmother did it this way because her pan was not big enough for the ham!

We pick the principles that are impactful, and we live them without even thinking about how to word them to others. They become our core. Our guiding light. Our compass.

“Pity the fool” (in Mr T’s voice), “…that has no core principle!”

Here’s one thought for you to consider. Core principles are building blocks for other principles that we need when we struggle with something new. They become our bedrock for making better choices. They guide our steps for higher dimensions.

This is the critical thing to know about Core Principles. They help us make choices that lead to success.

Without these principles we make foolish mistakes.

One Sunday we were behind a car stopped at a stop sign. They were refusing to move. Horns. Anger. Many cars in line. I got out and went to the drivers window and there was a blond lady slumped over the steering wheel, drooling out the corner of her mouth. When I tapped on the window, she opened her bright blue and with weary and blurred eyes she simply stared at me. I motioned for her to roll down the window and she did. “Are you okay? You’re just sitting here.” Yes. Then she floored the car and roared through the stop sign. Missing a car. And sliding off into the ditch. I run to her car and motion her to stop pressing the gas pedal. She just keeps on driving, going no where, and not even wondering how I can stand beside her moving vehicle. Finally she stops. Other drivers run up and help her out of the ditch and she just keeps on driving down the road. Stoned.

One of my core principles has always been to never take anything that makes me lose control of my surroundings. Why do people drink? To get drunk. Just think about the word used to describe it – ALCOHOL. We cleanse with and they burn things with it. Why ingest it? Why drugs? They are probably running from something. IDK….

So, what’s under the hood? What are your core principles?