Favorite Things

Earlier this morning…

Bailey's Favorite ThingAs I returned to the house after a morning stroll with the dogs, I noted that I had one of the most favorite things of my dog, Bailey. He is a Golden Retriever, with a focus on the second word. He loves to retrieve. The ball is his! He guards it, protects it, and occasionally sets it down for me to throw it again!

2014-06-26 08.50.15Yet, there comes a time when he loses interest in his favorite thing, and that’s when I call out, “Let’s Eat!”  He and Nukka head for the pen knowing it’s time for food. When the bowl is set before him, his favorite thing is set aside – and his favorite thing becomes his meal!

We all have favorite things. Multiple things. It sort of depends on the time of day, day of week and perhaps even the season of the year. Our favorite things get dusted off for the moment, and hopefully when we need to set them aside we know where they are, and they are stored in a proper condition for their next use.

I have a favored wife, my only one in nearly 41 years! A Favorite son…again, my only… Favorite daughter… well you get the picture, she’s my only. One favorite son in law, daughter in law, grand daughter, parents, siblings, etc.

Red Rubber KnifeI started out hanging onto favorite things very young. Things I wish I still had today. Some things have been replaced… Some are still in my hands today.

This little red rubber knife has been with me for nearly 55 years. I remember going everywhere with it – swimming, the woods, I even think it went to church a time or too! It is a holy knife!

Of course, my favorite collection of the many things I have stored up over the  years are my coins. I so enjoy it has a hobby, not an investment!

When I turned 16, my family gave me my first study Bible. A Zondervan New Encyclopedic Reference Edition of the Authorized King James Version. It kept me through my teenage years and into parenthood. It’s been recovered once because I wore it out!

My Favorite Bible
My Favorite Bible

This was, and is, my prized possession.

Although I have passed it on to my son and he holds it in trust in his library, it is my bible with the most favorite memories. It’s not as marked up as my more adult bibles, but it has many favorite scriptures and memories.

Let me share one of them.

My sixteenth year, 1971, I was entering my final years of school. Working various jobs, mowing yards, and completely involved with my favorite church and the youth choir, choir trips and singing every Sunday night.

1964 FalconOne Sunday night after a very Spirit filled service, I headed home in my first car (it looked something like this if it were totally complete!), and as was my habit it seemed like I was always giving others a ride home, so I finally walked in to a totally quiet house.

Everyone was asleep. We had a large dining table, so I sat down at it and just re-enjoyed the whole day. I was busy teaching Sunday School, enjoying choir, and of course a tremendous youth group. The night felt very special.

As I sat at the table, I asked God to speak to me through his word. I stood the bible up on edge, closed my eyes, let it fall open and put my finger on the page. What I read really threw me for a loop. This had never happened before. The scripture was:

Psalms 37:25“I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” (Psalms 37:25 KJV)

This was the first choir song we sang that night. Karen Morris had the lead, if my 49 year memory serves me correctly, and it started out slow before we moved to a faster tempo.

1. Have you ever been hungry? Jesus will feed you.
Have you ever really needed Him when He didn’t need you?
Have you ever seen someone who was down and out,
That Jesus just didn’t care about?
I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken,
Or his seed out begging for bread.

2. Has ever passed you by when you needed a savior?
Has he ever once time ignored your cry, when you asked him for a favor?
Has he ever once, turned his back on you?
No, when you need the Lord He’ll see you through.
I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken,
Or his seed out begging for bread.


You may be down today, but help is on the way.
Dark clouds may dim your sky,
but He’ll answer you by and by.
If you take one step, He’ll take two.
Why don’t you see what the Lord will do!
I’ve never seen the righteous forsake!
Or his seed out begging for bread!

 Quickly, I closed my bible… Shocked by the coincidence of scripture and song… I prayed. Lord. Do it again! I held the bible up on the edge, closed my eyes, let the bible open and point at the page. When I opened my eyes, my finger pointed at the second shock of the night! It was the second choir song we sang that night!

2015-06-04 09.44.21“For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” (Psalms 30:5 KJV)

This song was led by Sam Franks. I don’t remember all the words, nor can I find the lyrics that makes be remember it as the first song. But a power thing happened in my life that night. I realized that what I live, is what I find in the Word of God. It’s not an accident that these two songs have given me the power of perseverance when life seems dark and gloomy.

It was that late night, in 1971 that my confirmation of living for God was firmly founded… That’s my favorite thing!



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