You Give, and You Give

Have you ever felt like you’ve given and there’s just no more to give?

Empty WalletOver and over, you keep doling out. Help, words of advice, money, time, energy… Loan this. Share that. Give, and give, and give.

Then, it seems like your giving bank is empty. No more funds. No more advice to give. No more lessons to teach. You feel the exhaustion of being drained.

Why are you drained? It’s not simply that teaching is not adhered to, examples ignored, and what little time you have to give is stretched to the limits. Every thing is tapped out!

Can it be your creative spirit is bankrupt?

No! It’s got to be more than this!

When you exert yourself for career, family, church, and, yes, even recreation – you must take the time to refuel and recharge.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a good meal, a good nights rest, or an indulgence in caloric intake.

I believe there are other times that you must let yourself be the recipient of another persons giving. Let someone else take up the load and you kick back and enjoy. Get fed. Refreshed.

Other times you need to take a break away from all your efforts. Some call it a vacation, I jokingly call it a vaccination! Michael Hyatt and his wife is on a sabbatical – and though I have never been on one, I understand that it’s a time period away from all responsibility and a time to recoup your mental energy, and spiritual flexibility.

Can you share with me? What do you need to do to ignite your vitality? Refresh?



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