A Favorite Place – Depoe Bay, OR

Depoe Bay, Oregon

(Updated and re-posted from February, 2011)

Depoe Bay, OR

This is one of our favorite places to come. Especially in the off season – you know, when there are few people around, and the temperature is better suited to our cool weather living! Not quite Alaska weather, but suitable for a vacation!

It’s a place of periodic blustering beauty. The resort sits on a rocky crag, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The tide is peaking this morning, throwing water against the rocks. An innocent photographer is looking a different direction, while behind a huge spray is drenching the ground.

It’s 37 this morning, and I am sure the wind chill factor drops it a few more degrees than that!

No clouds. Only the morning sun. The fishing boats are lined up about a mile off the coast, catching something I’m sure. They were there all night, you could see their lights glistening in the dark.

South of here is the rough coastline down to California. North a few miles is where my daughter and son-in-law married. Hours from any homestead, we are enjoying our stay!

I know one of the main reasons of enjoying this place is partially due to the beauty.

The other main reason is that I’m here with my family.

My parents flew in on Saturday and my wife and I picked them up at PDX and drove here. My son and daughter-in-law showed up about midnight from California. My daughter and son-in-law showed up on Monday from nearby Washington. We are enjoying our family celebration. You  see, we all live in different states. From Washington, to Oregon, to California and then over to Texas – we all had to travel to get here. Most of us have spent major time in Alaska, and, truth be known, I would not mind living there permanently!

It’s a real treat to enjoy this time of family celebration. With family scattered all over you have to make the time to get everyone together. With wayward schedules, we all gather at unexpected times to enjoy a holiday-esque feeling of normal time. All of our years in Alaska taught us that family celebrations do NOT have to occur during the holiday seasons that everyone expects. We are now celebrating in February… Just because we can!

Family is the real beauty of this place.

Family, Pre-Emma, Depoe Bay, OR
Family, Pre-Emma, Depoe Bay, OR

From playing games, telling stories and jokes, playing catch-up on news from each home front, we are spending quality time to stay connected. Our vacations are not structured itineraries of time clocks and schedules, rather it’s a lazy place to do what you want, when you want, and maybe we’ll time something when we all feel like it.

For example, the kids are out for a morning jog – more power to them! Mom and dad are at a nearby hotel (due to space considerations and privacy) and will be here this afternoon for some feasting and games. Felicia is supposed to cook her savory breakfast pancakes. Brenda will do her specialty this afternoon – chicken fried steak. Dad will yodel. Mom will teach 42. Jason is drawing. Mat brings energy. Elizabeth will make a funny video.

Me? I get to sit back and enjoy it all! Sure love being with my family, in one of my favorite places in the world!