Seasons of Dads

Yes, tomorrow is Father’s Day.

Father's DayDad’s all across the nation will be celebrated by their children. What most dad’s know, and hope it is never discovered, one of the toughest roles in life is learning how to be that dad. Any man can father a child, biologically, but living the role of a dad in your children’s life for the rest of your own life?

Well, that’s tough, and honest, and the best role any father has to live up to!

Father’s are painted in glowing, almost eulogical, terms (I just made a new word!). Yet, we all know that we are not the best, and we strive all the time to be better today than we were yesterday. We all know our weak and failure points, but we yearn to be better with each passing moment.

During this week I have read many articles about dad’s. One that I found interesting came from the Wall Street Journal. I have it stored for future consideration, but it described how children need dad’s in their lives to become adults. There was, and is, a difference between the role of mother’s and dad’s. The article described how mother’s love to look in their babies eyes and make baby sounds and connect with their babies one way. While the dad often looks at their babies and do things to help them explore their world, find trust in situations of daring, and will do just about anything to elicit a response. Father’s stir up or challenge their children! (WSJ – Dad’s.)

I always knew I was good for something!

Then, early this morning I found another good article about men on this Father’s Day weekend. It is an article for married men to read about their relationships…. “How to Improve Your Marriage With 6 ‘R’ Words” (How To Improve Your Marriage) Why not? Why not use this weekend as a way to improve yourself with all the accolades that will be thrown your way?

Go ahead. I dare you!

Finally, I keep thinking back to an author I have found myself enjoying. He has written, produced, filmed and presented his work as he trek’s back to the land where God began. I read all of his works before my first trip to Israel… Check him out at Bruce Feiler. Yet, he went through a life changing experience of cancer, and wondering about his daughters if he should not survive.

Excerpt from his website: Faced with one of life’s greatest challenges, New York Times bestselling author Bruce Feiler reached out to six men who helped shape him and asked each one for a piece of advice for his daughters: how to live, how to travel, how to question, how to dream.

Dad’s, have you thought far enough ahead against that day when perhaps you are no longer around? Bruce did. He wrote a book that was a personal challenge to me to think longer term than I have ever thought – especially when it comes to my kids, their spouses, and any offspring they might have. He wrote The Council of Dad’s and tells the story of pulling together six men who were personally important and getting them to help with his children, especially should he not live.

I hope I have given you something to think about…

  • Dad’s, be the best at who you can be to your children, and as an example to other dad’s.
  • Dad’s, be that one to inspire challenge in your children, and as an example to other dad’s.
  • Dad’s, be that one to show you think about your progeny long after you are gone, and be that example to other dad’s.

Me and Dad in GermanyGod bless the father’s we each have in our lives, and I love my own father a lot! Then there are the ones who have been pastors, friends, examples, coaches and mentors to us as we continue down life’s road. Never be jealous of other fatherhood figures in your children’s life – this is a tough time we live in and kids need every leg-up they can find.